About PHRC


The Paducah Human Rights Commission was formed May 26, 1964, with the purpose and policy to safeguard all individuals within the City and McCracken County from discrimination in connection with employment, places of public accommodation, and housing in areas of race, color, religion, age, familial status, handicap, sex, national origin, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  The Paducah Human Rights Commission (PHRC) helps ensure that Paducah residents and visitors maintain the right to live and work as equal partners in our community. 

Read the Human Rights Commission Ordinance (adopted January 2018)

The Paducah Human Rights Commission is sworn to protect the interest of all the people’s personal dignity and freedom from humiliation.  The Commission will make their full productive capabilities available to the community in securing the area against strife and unrest which would menace its democratic processes in preserving the public safety, health, and general welfare in furthering the interests, rights, and privileges of all individuals.

  • Advocate for human and civil rights.
  • Investigate and mediate discrimination complaints.  When appropriate, we provide referrals to other government agencies.
  • Resolve community disputes and issues involving individual or systemic illegal discrimination.
  • Advise the City of Paducah on human rights issues.
  • Collaborate with public and private sectors to promote education on how to prevent and eliminate discrimination citywide.

If your complaint falls under any of the following categories, we recommend that you seek assistance from an attorney.  We have no jurisdiction over complaints related to

  • Style of dress
  • Rude behavior
  • Personal disputes
  • Political affiliation


The Paducah Human Rights Commission consists of five representative citizens appointed by the Mayor and City Commissioners to serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, City Commission, and other City departments in matters affecting human rights.  The Paducah Human Rights Commission is a volunteer board.  For short biographies of the Commissioners and if you are interested in serving as a Paducah Human Rights Commissioner, visit Human Rights Commissioners >> 


The Paducah Human Rights Commission meets on the first Monday of each month at 5 p.m. in the City Commissioner's Conference Room on the second floor of City Hall.  Unless otherwise specified, all meetings are open to the public. 


The Paducah Human Rights Commissioners are divided among several committees. These committees review cases relating to these specific areas and provide assistance and closure to ensure that all human rights violations are corrected as quickly as possible.