Adult League Dodgeball

Adult League Coed Dodgeball

Paducah Parks and Recreation does not currently run an adult dodgeball league. If you are interested in helping form a  league please call 270-444-8508.

Notes: League registration is for complete teams only. If you are an individual player looking for a team, the league coordinator will take contact information. A list of interested players will be presented at the coach’s meeting, and coaches will be responsible for contacting any player(s) they are interested in “picking up.”

Registration must be received with payment and a completed team roster by the deadline. The registration must be turned in at the Paducah Parks and Recreation Offices at 1400 HC Mathis Dr in Paducah KY.

Paducah Parks and Recreation Dodgeball Rules

Dodgeball Waiver

Dodgeball Roster

Behavior Policy - Paducah Parks and Recreation under no circumstance will tolerate verbal and/or physical abuse of any staff member, umpire/referee, or program participant. The penalties for any of the above behaviors are strict and strongly enforced. First time offenders may be suspended for a minimum of 1-year from all Parks and Recreation Programming. It is our mission that all participants as well as employees feel safe and are protected from any type of abuse.

Sportsmanship – All players, coaches and spectators are required to display good sportsmanship before, during and after all games on and off the court/field while at Paducah Parks and Recreation activities. Players, coaches, and spectators not displaying good sportsmanship may be ejected or suspended as determined by the Paducah Parks and Recreation staff in accordance with the Parks Behavior Policy.