Allan Rhodes, Jr.

Commissioner Allan RhodesAllan Rhodes, Jr. was elected as City Commissioner in November 2012.  He has lived in Paducah for more than four decades.  Commissioner Rhodes arrived in Paducah in 1966 during his junior year at Paducah Tilghman High School. Since Commissioner Rhodes received the highest number of votes in the November 2014 election for City Commissioner, served as Mayor Pro Tem from 2015 through 2016.

With a degree in marketing from Southern Methodist University, Commissioner Rhodes returned to the family car business, joining his father at Allan Rhodes Ford. During his first year in the car business, he "persuaded" his father to contact Honda about a new car franchise.  He also went after the BMW and Hyundai automobile franchises. During his auto career, Commissioner Rhodes was picked as the pilot dealer representative for the BMW Arbitration Board to mediate disputes between the BMW factory and its dealers. He was also elected as one of 50 Dodge dealers nationwide to be on the Dodge National Advertising Council.

In 1998, after a 26 year run in the business, Commissioner Rhodes and his father decided to put their department managers into the car business, selling them the Chrysler-Hyundai and Honda-BMW dealerships.  He then joined the staff at Paducah Tilghman High School, for arguably the best gig yet. That student interaction, and being the go-to guy for whatever the administration needed, made for a great 10 years.  In 2006, Commissioner Rhodes and his wife, Johanna, along with their daughter Jean, opened Etcetera Coffeehouse.

Commissioner Rhodes enjoys anything that "moves on wheels" and spent eight years racing his "bug-eyed Sprite" in the Sports Car Club of America's road racing series.  He finds time for reading and enjoys just being involved in life.  He was a scout leader for Troop 1 BSA during the 1990's.

Commissioner Rhodes most recently served on Paducah Renaissance Alliance and the Paducah Airport Boards. On Tuesday mornings you will find him with his "reading pal" at McNabb School.  As City Commissioner, Allan is a member of the Commissioners of Water Works board.

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