Caldwell Park


1401 Park Ave Paducah KY 42001

0.3 acres

Almyr Sherrell Edwards Memorial - Soldier Boy Monument

A monument to honor Almyr Sherrell Edwards (1872-1892) is located in Caldwell Park. This monument is often called the Soldier Boy monument. Private Edwards of Company C, 3rd Regiment Kentucky State Guard died July 13, 1892 while on active duty. His unit was activated at the request of the mayor of Paducah in response to a riot by an armed group of citizens intent on freeing a suspect from the local jail. The inscription reads: The rolling seasons pass away, and Time, untiring, waves his wing; Whilst honour’s laurels ne’er decay, But bloom in fresh, unfading spring. And thus this man died, leaving his death for an example of a noble courage, and a memorial of virtue, not only unto young men, but unto all his nation. Responding to the call of his state and in the enforcement of her laws, he met a soldier’s death. As a tribute to his memory and to perpetuate his name, this monument has been erected by the citizens of Paducah.