Conditional Use Permit

What is a Conditional Use?

Conditional Use is defined as a use which would not impair the public health, safety, or welfare in one or more zones, but which would impair the integrity and character of the zone in which it is located or in adjoining zones unless restrictions on location, size, extent and character of performance are imposed in addition to those imposed in the zoning regulations.  Conditional Uses are specifically listed in the Paducah Zoning Ordinance in each zone.  In addition to the approval of the Board of Adjustment, conditional uses must meet Planning Commission approval and meet certain minimum requirements which are found in Section 126-68 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances.  Public utility installations, government buildings and uses, churches and schools are allowed in all zones with a conditional use permit.  You should meet with the Planning staff to discuss your proposal and the conditions required.

Summarized Procedure for Conditional Use Permits

The first step with any development should begin with contacting the Planning office to discuss your project and pick up an application.  Once your application is returned to the planning office, staff will review the request and then it will go before the Planning Commission.  The commission will make recommendations to the Board of Adjustment.  A public hearing must be conducted on the conditional use request.  A 14-day notice is required to be published in the Paducah Sun.  The Board of Adjustment will then conduct the meeting on the last Monday of each month at 5 p.m. in City Hall.  At this meeting the Board of Adjustment will either approve or deny the application.  The board may approve the Conditional Use based on some special conditions that must be adhered to in order for compliance.  The Board of Adjustment has the power to revoke the Conditional Use for non-compliance.  Following approval, a conditional use permit is issued and recorded in the County Court Clerk's office.  Approval of the conditional use permit does not exempt you from all other applicable codes.