Department Divisions and Contacts

Department Divisions

Administration - Includes Administrative staff, Park Ranger Supervisor and staff, and the Director of Paducah Parks and Recreation.  Administrative staff handles Special Event Permits, scheduling of Facilities, sale of Oak Grove Cemetery lots, assisting with budget preparation and budget monitoring. Park Ranger Supervisor implements the Park Ranger Program which helps provide security in our Parks, as well as other City facilities.  The Director oversees the planning and new development of facilities within Paducah Parks and Recreation as well as manages the divisons within Paducah Parks and Recreation. 

Parks Maintenance - Includes the Parks Maintenance Superintendent, Supervisor, and laborer positions.  Responsible for maintaining park facilities and amenities including the maintenance/operation of Oak Grove Cemetery. Parks Maintenance also supports special events, activities, and festivals and maintains playing surfaces of sports facilities.

Recreation - Includes the Recreation Superintendent, Recreation Specialist and Assistant Recreation Specialist positions, and part - time and seasonal staff.  Charged with providing quality recreation programs and leisure activities at a reasonable cost to the participant. This division oversees the operations and programming of the Paducah Recreation Center and the Noble Park Pool, as well as the programing of children's events and programs, leisure and fitness classes, and adult and youth sports, in multiple locations throughout the City's Parks system.  

Special Events - Includes the Special Events Coordinator, Recreation Specialist - Special Events, and Laborer positions.  Tasked with the organiziation and operation of the Farmers’ Market and other large-scale community special events, including the Riverfront Concert Series, Independence Day Celebration, Veterans Day Activities, and the Christmas Parade.  Also coordinates downtown beautification and the operation of the City's Transient Boat Dock.  


Contact Us:

Name Title Phone Number
  Director 270-444-8508 x9
  Parks Maintenance Superintendent 270-444-8508 x8
  Recreation Superintendent 270-444-8508 x6
 Molly Tomasallo Johnson Special Events Coordinator 270-444-8508 x7
Ed Sanders Parks Maintenance Supervisor 270-444-8508
Luther Hayes Cemetery Sexton 270-444-8508
  Recreation Specialist 270-444-8508 x4
 Kelsey Weathers Recreation Specialist 270-444-8508
Vacant Assistant Recreation Specialist 270-444-8508 x5
Vacant Assistant Recreation Specialist 270-444-8508
  Executive Assistant I 270-444-8508 x3
 Mary Wurth Administrative Assistant III 270-444-8508 x 2
 LaMiira Askew Administrative Assistant II 270-444-8508 x1
  Questions not answered in the FAQ 270-444-8508
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