Development Plan Amendment

Development Plan Amendments

Amendments to approved development plans can be made only by official Planning Commission action following a public hearing.  Content, format, and procedures shall be the same as for the original submission.  However, amendments which fully meet the requirements set forth hereinafter as minor amendments shall be approved and certified by the city without further action by the Planning Commission.

Minor amendments are intended to expedite approval in those situations where amendments are of minor significance and generally relate to the shifting of previously approved spaces.  Such amendments:

  •  Shall not decrease the overall land area in wards or other open spaces;
  • Shall not increase building ground area coverage, floor area, or height, or increase the number of dwelling units;
  • Shall not change the location or cross section of any street and shall not increase the number or change the location of street access points on arterial or collector streets;
  • May include a reduction in parking spaces only when an associated reduction in floor area or number of dwelling units would permit a lesser number of minimum required off-street parking spaces than required for the original development plan. To qualify as a minor amendment this reduction may not be less than would be required by the zoning district regulations. For any case where parking in excess of the minimum requirement was provided on the original development plan, that same number of spaces shall be provided in excess of the minimum requirement for the proposed minor amendment plan.   

Procedures for Minor Amendments

  • Filing.  To request approval of minor amendments to development plans, the developer shall file with the City a completed application form, and copies of the plan as required by the terms and conditions of the city's application form.
  • Review.  The City shall review the plan for compliance with all applicable requirements and ordinances and shall consult with concerned agencies as appropriate to assure proper plan review.  Upon determination that all requirements have been met, city staff shall submit its finding to the Planning Commission Chair for certification. If any question arises as to compliance, however, the plan shall be referred to the Planning Commission.
  • Certification.  Upon certification of approval by the Planning Commission Chair, City staff shall have copies of the plan prepared and distributed to other public agencies and return the original plan tracing to the developer.


Content and Format of Minor Amendments

Minor amendments shall have the same content and format requirements as the original development plan, except that

  • The title shall indicate the plan as a minor amendment;
  • A note shall be added listing the exact nature of the requested changes;
  • The following will be the required language for the Planning Commission Chair's certification: "I do hereby certify that this development plan amendment complies with Zoning Ordinance provisions regarding amendments to development plans."
  • Owners of interest will complete a certification to be signed and witnessed as follows: "I (We) do hereby certify that I am (we are) the only owner(s) of the property shown hereon, and do adopt this as my (our) development plan for the property," which will be required language for all property.