Distance Recreation

30 miles in 30 days Challenge in July

Join us for a 30 day fitness challenge during July.  No experience needed, just get up and move with us for 30 days.  Choose your fitness activity, bike, run, hike, walk, swim, etc.  Track your activity.  

Paducah's Summer Camp-Out 

Join us for a weekend of fun and adventure with a Backyard Camp-Out. 

Make a Paper Campfire 

Camping EATS

     Note:  For ants on a log, use celery, nut butter and raisins or chocolate chips. Spread nut butter on celery, sprinkle raisins or chocolate chips on top.  For dirt cups, use chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms. Put gummy worms in chocolate pudding, and then sprinkle Oreo crumbs on top.  Yummy!

Camping Scavenger Hunt

Flashlight Stories

Scary Stories for Kids

Paducah Recreation Center Virtual Classes

Enjoy Virtual Fitness Classes - 20 to 30-minute workouts that participants can do from the comfort of their own home.  

Sculpt & Tone - 6/3/2020

Chair Yoga - 6/3/2020

Booty Jam - 6/3/2020

Mid-East Dance - 6/4/2020

SharQui - 6/4/2020

Mid-East Dance - 6/11/2020

SharQui - 6/11/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 6/17/2020

Chair Yoga - 6/17/2020

Mid-East Dance - 6/18/2020

SharQui - 6/18/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 6/24/2020

Chair Yoga - 6/24/2020

Booty Jam - 6/24/2020

Mid-East Dance - 6/25/2020

SharQui - 6/25/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 7/1/2020

Chair Yoga - 7/1/2020

SharQui - 7/2/2020

Mid-East Dance - 7/9/2020

SharQui - 7/9/2020

SharQui - 7/16/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 7/22/2020

Chair Yoga - 7/22/2020

Mid-East Dance - 7/23/2020

SharQui - 7/23/2020

Mid-East Dance - 8/3/2020

SharQui - 8/5/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 8/12/2020

Chair Yoga - 8/12/2020

SharQui - 8/12/2020

Mid-East Dance - 8/17/2020

SharQui - 8/19/2020

SharQui - 8/26/2020

Parks to Kids Day Activities 

Celebrate parks and recreation in your own backyard!  Below is a list of activities that you can do with your family in your own backyard or neighborhood to help us celebrate parks and recreation in our communities.  

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Work with your child to create a list of natural objects you can find outside during the summertime or in a park or backyard-- (such as a bird feather, wildflowers, and a green leaf.) After you make your list, grab a paper bag and set out to find each item. You can even turn it into a game for multiple children — the first one to find every item wins.

To add a little challenge for older children, have them find items in nature matching colors on our color wheel.

Meet a Tree “GAME”

1) Work in pairs. 

2) Have one person in each pair be blindfolded/eyes shut

3) The non-blindfolded person acts as a guide and leads his/her partner to a tree

4) Blindfolded person tries to find all the details of the tree without using sight

5) Once the blindfolded partner has a good understanding of the tree, the guide will lead their partner back to the starting point

6) Blindfolded individual becomes unblindfolded and goes looking for their tree

7) Once successfully found, the partners switch roles and start over

Pressed Flower or Plant Suncatchers, Wallart, Placemats

Keep summer and park beauty alive all year by pressing your favorite flowers and turning them into art! Your child will get a kick out of seeing her favorite colorful blooms on the dinner table, wall or window all year long.

Bug Hunts

They fly, they buzz — they can even light up! It's no wonder most kids think bugs are cool. Take some time to observe the bugs in your backyard with your child, and get up close and personal with a magnifying glass. Talk to your child about what colors they are, how they protect themselves (do they sting?), and how they work together to build a home (an ant hill is a great example of an insect colony.)

Activity Bingo 

Get moving with these fun activities and see if you can Blackout our BINGO card!