Paducah Dog Park

About the Paducah Dog Park  

The dog park is on an approximately 7-acre tract of land at the eastern end of Stuart Nelson Park (175 Stuart Nelson Park Road - off of Park Avenue west of Noble Park).  As you enter Stuart Nelson Park, the dog park is on the right side with the large dog park closest to the park entrance.   

The Paducah Dog Park has water spigots, fencing, shelters, gravel parking, and pet waste receptacles.  The park is partitioned into two sections based upon the weight of a dog with 30 pounds as the dividing weight.  Each fenced section has a water spigot.  Near the entrance of each fenced area is a green box with Mutt Mitts, degradable bags to allow the easy collection of your dog's excrement.  Each fenced area also has a large shelter so that owners can sit and chat while the pooches play and romp.  The fencing is coated with black vinyl to keep it looking new for years.  In the future, the dog park could have amenities such as dog agility obstacles.

In 2010, the public fundraising began for a dog park at Stuart Nelson Park.  The City challenged the public to raise $20,000 toward the Paducah Dog Park, and then the City would match that amount - 85 different donors contributed to the park.  An official opening ceremony was held August 15, 2012.  

Hours and Rules

The Paducah Dog Park is open seven days a week during the normal hours for Stuart Nelson Park, 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.  Immediately report any problems to the Parks & Recreation Office at 270-444-8508 or .  The rules are as follows:

  1. Owners/handlers are responsible for the behavior of their dogs.
  2. Keep dogs on leashes until they are inside the enclosure.
  3. Owners must keep the leash in hand at all times.
  4. Leash and remove your dog immediately if you sense problems or your dog becomes unruly.
  5. Dogs should never be left unattended.
  6. Aggressive dogs are prohibited.
  7. Female dogs in heat are prohibited.
  8. Human food is prohibited inside the enclosure.  Doggie treats are permissible.
  9. Owners/handlers must clean up after their pets.  Doggie bags are available at the entrances.
  10. All dogs must be current on vaccinations.
  11. Do not allow dogs to dig holes.  If they do, fill holes immediately.
  12. Children under age 15 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  13. Individuals without dogs are not allowed inside the enclosure.
  14. Smoking is prohibited inside the enclosure.
  15. Secure doors as you enter and leave the enclosure.
  16. Hours of operation and access to the dog park may be restricted during special events or as determined by the Parks & Recreation Director.

PetSafe Bark for Your Park Grant and Dog Park Enhancements

dog park renderingThe Paducah Parks & Recreation Department hosted a public meeting April 26, 2018, to view the plans for Paducah Dog Park improvements.  Approximately 40 people attended and provided feedback on the enhancements which will be completed in phases.   

The enhancements will be funded in part by the $10,000 Bark for Your Park grant through PetSafe® that the City received in August 2017.  Paducah is one of 25 cities that received the grant to implement irrigation and improve drainage and erosion issues at the Park.  PetSafe® received 215 competitive applications.  The City of Paducah contributed another $10,000 toward the project. 

The first phase was completed from August through November 2018 with drainage and irrigation improvements and new turf grass over the newly irrigated section.  A grand reopening ceremony was held December 20, 2018.  Plus, the entrances to the dog parks sections were made accessible by providing concrete pads or pavers, and concrete pads were placed in the water fountain areas.  The next phase would include new benches, parking areas, walkways, and a dog obstacle course/agility area. 

Pictured is a rendering of the phases.  The brown squiggly area is the proposed agility area (Phase II).   The blue arrows show the drainage flow pattern.  The green area with circles depicts the region that was irrigated with new turf grass (Phase I). 

Dog Park Fundraising

The City of Paducah thanks all of the sponsors who have contributed to the dog park.  Below are the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Blue Ribbon sponsors.    

  • Gold Sponsors ($2500+):  Paducah Summer Festival and Ricky Volner
  • Silver Sponsors ($1000+):  Paducah Kennel Club, Agrium US Inc, Animal Kare Center
  • Bronze Sponsors ($500+):  Cathy Hayden/Kerrie Peck, Lodi Kennels, USEC, Pork Peddler
  • Blue Ribbon Sponsors ($250+):  Chip Wynn Motors, Paducah Ford, Michael and Caroline Cappock, Paducah Harbor B&B, Beverly Pugh, William and Vicky McGee, Lorraine Schramke

For more information about the fundraising efforts and how to make a donation, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 270-444-8508.  Here are ways you can contribute to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the dog park: 

Sponsorships:  There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities for individuals or companies to support the dog park.  Sponsorship Opportunities   

Memorial Plaques:  In memory of a pet, the Parks and Recreation Department accepts orders for small printed plaques in the shape of a dog bone.  The plaques hang on the fence next to the entrance to the large dog section recognizing your support.  Each plaque costs $40 with the profit (approximately $25 per plaque) going toward the dog park improvement effort.  Dog Park Plaque Order Form 

Monetary Donations:  Donations can be sent to Paducah Parks & Recreation Department, Attention: Dog Park