Engineering-PW Staff


Title  Phone number 
     City Engineer & Public Works Director          270-444-8511
   Assistant Public Works Director 270-444-8511
Maegan Mansfield Engineering Project Manager 270-444-8511
Administrative Assistant III 270-444-8511
Executive Assistant I 270-444-8511
Administrative Assistant III 270-444-8567 
Dena Alexander Administrative Assistant III 270-444-8569
Field and Projects Operations    
Stormwater and Drainage Engineer 270-444-8511
Floodwall Operations    
Keith Riley EPW Floodwall Superintendent 270-444-8511
Solid Waste    
EPW Supervisor Solid Waste 270-444-8567
EPW Supervisor Solid Waste  270-444-8567 
Calvin Meadows Compost Operations Supervisor 270-444-8567
EPW Streets Superintendent  270-444-8710
EPW Supervisor Streets 270-444-8682
Vacant EPW Supervisor Streets  270-444-8682 
EPW Fleet/Maintenance Superintendent  270-444-8557 
Vacant EPW Supervisor Fleet  270-444-5152