Home Occupations

Home Occupations and Home-Based Businesses

Home occupations are defined by the City Zoning Ordinance as any use conducted entirely within a dwelling and carried on solely by the occupants thereof, which use is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling purposes and does not change the character thereof, and in connection with which there is no display, no stock in trade, or outside storage of equipment nor commodity sold upon the premises and not more than two persons are to engage in such occupation.  In no event shall a barbershop, beauty shop, tearoom, tourist home, or animal hospital be construed to be a home occupation.

Please contact the Department of Planning at (270) 444-8690 to determine if your intended use is considered to be a home occupation.  This policy was intended to accommodate some types of Internet, computer, or telephone based business.  However, other types of home-based business may qualify under this policy. 

Home Occupations are allowed as conditional uses in residential zones and principal uses in other zones.  Please see Conditional Uses for the application process.

Additionally, the City has a policy that allows some types of low impact home-based business in residential areas.  While the city's zoning ordinance does not permit commercial uses in residential zones, some incidental commercial use may be allowable. 

If a Conditional Use Permit is not obtainable then some commercial activity may be allowed if the following provisions are met:

  1. No employees.
  2. No storage of stock or goods.
  3. No customers may come to the residence.
  4. No signs.  No other advertising indicating that residence as a place of business.
  5. Commercial use must be clearly incidental and subordinate to the residential use.
  6. Owner must register name and address with the Planning Department.  Residence will be inspected within one year.
  7. Business License may be required.  Issuance of any Business License does not infer or constitute zoning approval.