Mayor’s Intern Program and Paducah Pathfinders

About the Mayor’s Intern Program and Paducah Pathfinders

Mayor Brandi Harless initiated the Paducah Pathfinders and Mayor’s Intern programs shortly after being elected Paducah’s Mayor.  Mayor Harless values all efforts to provide a variety of educational and civic opportunities for the youth in the community.  

Pathfinders Program:  Pathfinders learn about City government while serving during the spring school semester and represent a variety of grade levels with the juniors and seniors eligible to apply as interns who help guide the path for the next group of Pathfinders.  Pathfinders are chosen from of pool of applicants provided by the Interns.

Intern Program:  The Mayor’s Intern Program consists of a small group of juniors and seniors representing local high schools (public and private).  After serving first as a Pathfinder, high school juniors and seniors then are eligible to serve as an Intern for the following school year.  Interns are chosen through an application and interview process with the Mayor and Human Resources Department.  The interns participate in City Government learning opportunities during an entire school year and help select the next group of Paducah Pathfinders.  Interns experience both programs from start to finish.  Plus, they get valuable information and experiences regarding local event planning and executing, partnerships with agencies affiliated with Paducah’s government, and City government operations.    

2018-2019 Program

The current members of the Mayor’s Intern Program spent nine weeks during the fall of 2018 visiting different City departments learning about the various college and career paths, functions of that department, and how they can be involved as a citizen.  They also experienced a hands-on learning activity with each department.  Interns currently are building the Spring 2019 Paducah Pathfinders program.  They will have input in the selection of new students to participate in this volunteer opportunity. 

High school students who live in Paducah or McCracken County are invited to apply for the Paducah Pathfinder program.  To apply for the program, complete the application by March 4, 2019.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about the Mayor’s Intern or Paducah Pathfinders programs, contact your school guidance counselor/career coach or contact Lyndsey Birdsong in Mayor Harless’ office at 270-444-8504.