Midtown Park

About Midtown Park

Midtown Park, located at 1122 Adams Street, is a hidden gem of approximately 5 acres of green and wooded space along with a picnic shelter and parking near the downtown and uppertown areas of Paducah. 

In September 2022, a section of the park was donated to the Paducah Independent School District to enhance the soccer area behind Jetton Soccer Field.  The property is being developed for additional soccer facilities including a youth soccer field, a high school practice field, and parking.

Prior to donating a section of the park to the School District, Midtown offered a free nine-hole golf course, disc golf course, and FootGolf.  The City of Paducah acquired the original ten-acre property on June 17, 1975, from the Urban Renewal & Community Development Agency to create a park for the Southside.  Development in the 1990s by Charles Turok led to the creation of a free, municipal nine-hole golf course to encourage and grow the sport of golf. Disc Golf and FootGolf were added in 2000’s but were decommissioned in 2022 with the donation to the School District.