Police Strategic Plan

Police cruiserThe Police Chief in conjunction with command staff developed a three-year strategic plan for the Paducah Police Department.  The plan is structured around five substantive areas: reduce crime, enhance recruitment and career development, community engagement, provide exemplary training solutions, and strengthen domestic preparedness.  All of these areas cover major themes within the law enforcement profession.

Paducah Police Department Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Reduce Crime - Enhance patrol capabilities; explore on-line reporting; standardize patrol response (telephone reports); increase investigative capabilities through partnerships; increase investigative technology and equipment.

Enhance Recruitment & Career Development - Expand efforts through community forums and meetings.  The police department remains committed to recruiting an applicant pool that is reflective of the community.  The applicant pool rarely has the number of females and minorities that would give us the desired diversity in the workforce.  We will continue to focus our recruitment efforts on attracting a more diverse applicant pool while maintaining our high employment standard to ensure a professional workforce.  We also must be proactive in identifying and coordinating succession planning for future leaders.  Mentoring education, leadership training, and rotational duty assignments will be utilized to develop our future leaders.

Community Engagement - Our crime reduction efforts are dependent upon strong engagement with all segments of the community.  We continue our challenge of getting citizens and business owners with busy schedules involved with the police department and their neighborhoods.  Our goal is for citizen and neighborhood involvement to be proactive rather than reactive.

Provide Exemplary Training Solutions - Assess current operational style, utilize new technology, equipment and multimedia sources to deliver current and timely training.  The on-going rapid change in technology creates multiple problems for the department.  The technology and training to investigate these types of crimes is expensive, and the training is complex.

Strengthen Domestic Preparedness - Strengthen knowledge of emergency operations, compatibility and partnerships; securing/hardening of current operations headquarters; continue advancement toward a new police department facility.  Ensure all our supervision is trained in the ICS protocols.