Priority Action Item - Annexation

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Proactively annex adjacent properties into city corporate boundaries.

Key Team Members

Planning Director Nicholas Hutchison
Senior Planner Josh Sommer


  • Primary focus should be on commercial, multifamily residential, and industrial properties
  • Investigate and implement annexation incentive program
  • Annually budget for cost of annexations
  • Annex a minimum of 6 parcels of property into the city on an annual basis

Quarterly Update - April 2021

Annexations  Initiated conversations on two potential annexations on Hinkleville Road and Holt Road.  Year-to-date annexations:  5540 Cairo Road.

Ordinance Updates  Amended the zoning code to allow mobile food vehicle courts as an exemption requiring a planning and zoning permit.

Incentive Programs  Staff is researching annexation incentive programs.

Funding  As part of the FY2022 Budget process, staff will be including dedicated funding for annexations.


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