Priority Action Item - Communications Enhancement

Communications Enhancementcommission priorities


Effectively reach all segments of our community. 

Key Team Members

Communications Manager Pam Spencer
Business Development Specialist Kathryn Byers


  • Bring detailed Enhanced Communications Plan within 60 days - DONE! 
  • Promote what we are doing
  • Target all areas of our community
  • Clearly and succinctly communicate our message using easy to understanding language
  • Incorporate communications into project budgets
  • Incorporate communications strategy into all projects/program decisions
  • Invest in technological needs to better meet the needs of our community
  • Conduct regular media luncheons
  • Hold industry specific luncheons
  • Incorporate communication strategy on agenda action form 

Quarterly Update - April 2021

Communications Enhancement Plan  Completed Communications Enhancement Plan document (see above) and provided it to the Board of Commissioners on March 5.  Plan has been review with the Leadership Team to encourage a cultural communications enhancement change.

Email Marketing Platform  Launched email marketing platform to increase enews sign-up and reach, clarity of messaging, and opportunities for message repetition.

Website Enhancements  Created online services section of the website.

Live Streaming  Scheduling Board of Commissioners and Planning Commission meetings to air live on Facebook in addition to Government 11 and Youtube.

Media Luncheon  Held first quarterly Media Luncheon on February 17.  Representatives from WPSD, WSIL, and Paducah Sun attended.

Funding Requests  Submitted FY2022 budget requests to update technological needs and enhance marketing reach for communications

Enhancing Agenda Action Forms  Commission priorities and communications plans have been added to Agenda Action Forms for items on Board of Commissioners meetings.

Expanded Reach  Creating mailing lists for churches, barbers, and salons with the goal to mail monthly updates to those locations which reach a high percentage of the population.

Team Communications  Assisted in the communication of several high priority projects including the Tax Increment Financing District and the Entertainment Destination Center.


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