Priority Action Item - Remote Workers Incentive Program

Remote Workers Incentive Programcommission priorities


Create and implement an effective incentive program.

Key Team Members

Business Development Specialist Kathryn Byers
Grants Administrator Ty Wilson


  • Conduct research by identifying and evaluating effective programs
  • Gather local input by conducting surveys (e.g. Paducah Young Professionals)
  • Establish rules and procedures
  • Establish funding
  • Present proposal to the Board of Commissioners within 60 days
  • Implement successful program
  • Market and promote program
  • Administer program
  • Re-evaluate program after 12 months of implementation

Quarterly Update - April 2021

Gathering Information  City staff is collecting case studies from other cities offering incentive programs and engaging with local stakeholder groups.

Timeline  Staff is on track to provide a proposal to the Board of Commissioners within the requested 60-day goal.

Project Funding  Funding the inventives and program marketing are being considered during the FY2022 budget process which is underway.


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