Public Works FAQs

I have a pile of tree limbs and some bags of grass clippings.  How do I schedule them to be picked up?     Contact the Public Works Department at 270-444-8511 to schedule the collection of yard waste.  If you have a small amount such as a couple of bags of grass clippings or a few twigs, place them in your garbage rollout for collection on your regular trash collection day.

What are the location and hours of the compost facility?     The Compost Facility is located at 1560 North 8th Street.  The Facility is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.  There are times that the facility is closed for the routine grinding of brush.  Check the Compost Facility page for more information.

How much does the mulch cost at the compost facility?     Premium compost is $20 per scoop.  One scoop is roughly two yards which is a pick-up truck load.  

Does a property owner have to trim vegetation on private property if it is adjacent to a public street or place?     Yes, it is the responsibility of the private property owner to maintain the vegetation on private property but next to public property.  According to City of Paducah Code of Ordinance Ch. 118 Section 118-41, trees, vines, bushes, shrubbery, or flowers standing in or upon any lot or land adjacent to any public street or public place and having branches, limbs, trunks, or other parts projecting into the public street or place shall be kept trimmed by the owner or occupant of the property.  The vegetation should not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular passage and should not obstruct the view of any street intersection, commercial entrances, and regulatory or warning signs.

Who is responsible for tree maintenance along public rights-of-way?      The private property owners adjacent to public rights-of-way are responsible for providing reasonable care and maintenance to street trees within the public right-of-way.  According to City of Paducah Code of Ordinance Ch. 118 Section 118-38, the trees should not interfere with public safety by interfering with public passage or creating an obstruction of view.   Also, the minimum clearance of any overhanging tree portion should be ten feet over sidewalks and 16 feet over all streets.  However, according to City of Paducah Code of Ordinance Ch. 118 Section 118-39, it is unlawful as a normal practice to top any tree within the public right-of-way.