Quality of Life

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In "Quality of Life Matters in the City of Paducah" learn about ways the Mayor and City Commission are working with staff members to make Paducah a great place to live.  From streets, to neighborhoods and parks, to public safety, nearly every aspect of local government has something to do with improving the quality of life for residents who live here.  The program is hosted by Mayor Bill Paxton and produced by Public Information Officer Pam Spencer.



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September 2012:  Quality of Life:  City of Paducah Budget  Mayor Bill Paxton interviews City Manager Jeff Pederson and Finance Director Jonathan Perkins about the process in developing the city's budget, revenue sources and appropriations, bonds, and internal consolidations and efficiencies.  27 minutes; posted 9-20-2012     News Release >>

April 2012:  Quality of Life: Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Revitalization Project Update  Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Planning Director Steve Ervin and Community Development Planner Charlie Doherty about the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood, a successful revitalization project with five years under its belt.  27 minutes; posted 4-27-2012     News Release >>

February 2012:  Quality of Life: Paducah Renaissance Alliance  Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Paducah Renaissance Alliance Executive Director Lisa Thompson and Board Chairperson Maurie McGarvey about the organization's structure, mission, and projects.  28 minutes; posted 2-1-2012     News Release >>

October 2011:  Quality of Life: Paducah Symphony Orchestra  Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Paducah Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Daniel Sene and chairman of the board John Williams, Jr.  27 minutes; posted 10-18-2011     News Release >>

September 2011:  Quality of Life: National Quilt Museum Part 1     Part 2  Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Frank Bennett, the new Executive Director of the National Quilt Museum, and Mary Hammond, Executive Director of the Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau.  27 minutes; posted 9-27-11     News Release >>

June 2011:  Quality of Life:  Barkley Regional Airport    Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Barkley Regional Airport Manager Richard Roof and Director of Marketing Jackie Jones about the past year with SkyWest and the importance of the airport to the Paducah-McCracken County economy.  27 minutes; posted 6-16-11     News Release >>

January 2011:   Quality of Life: Jeff Pederson   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Paducah City Manager Jeff Pederson.  Topics of discussion include city services, economic development, and Paducah Power System. 28 minutes; posted 1-27-11     --News Release--

September 2010:   Quality of Life:  Paducah Symphony   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Maestro Raffaele Ponti, Paducah Symphony Artistic Director and Conductor, his background, his impressions of Paducah, and his plans for the Paducah Symphony Orchestra.  27 minutes; posted 9-27-10     --News Release--

September 2010:   Quality of Life: Greater Paducah Economic Development Council   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews GPEDC President and CEO Chad Chancellor about his vision for local economic growth.  27.5 minutes; posted 9-13-10     --News Release--

July 2010:   Quality of Life: Paducah Arts   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Paducah School of Art Director Harvey Sadow about the school's development since opening in 2008, courses, and future.  Paxton also interviews artist Stefanie Graves co-director of the 2010 LowerTown Arts and Music Festival.  26 minutes; posted 7-9-10.     --News Release--

April 2010:   Quality of Life: EntrePaducah   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews EntrePaducah Concierges Terry Reeves and Rich Davis about the origin of the organization and how it works to help entrepreneurs in the region.  29 minutes; posted 4-28-10     --News Release--

January 2010:   Quality of Life:  Executive Inn and More   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Downtown Development Director Steve Doolittle and Parks Services Director Mark Thompson.  Topics include the upcoming liquidation and demolition of the Executive Inn, purchase of a pavilion, recent purchase of land for a sports park, and the extension of the greenway trail.  28 minutes; posted 1-22-10.     --News Release--

November 2009:   Quality of Life: Community Scholarship Program   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews WKCTC President, Dr. Barbara Veazey, and Rotary Club Community Scholarship Task Force Chairman, Dwane Tucker, about the efforts to create the Community Scholarship Program which would provide a two year scholarship to any Paducah-McCracken County student who meets the criteria.  25 minutes; posted 11-25-09.   --News Release--

August 2009:   Quality of Life:  Police Chiefs   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews Police Chief James Berry and former Interim Police Chief Sandy Joslyn.  28 minutes; posted 8-21-09     --News Release--

June 2009:   Quality of Life: City of Paducah Wellness Plan   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews City of Paducah Benefits Specialist, Stephanie Skinner, and Health Insurance Consultant, Greg Carlton, about the City's wellness program.  28 minutes; posted 6-10-09     --News Release--

January 2009:   Quality of Life:  WKCTC Projects   Mayor Bill Paxton interviews West Kentucky Community and Technical College President, Dr. Barbara Veazey, about the Paducah School of Art and the Emerging Technology Center.  27 minutes; posted 1-22-09     --News Release--