Rules of Conduct

The following rules have been adopted by the Paducah Board of Commissioners and are enforceable by the Paducah Police Department or any City of Paducah employee. Those found not following the rules may be suspended from any Paducah Parks property for up to one year.  Click Code of Ordinances Chapter 70 for more information. 

  • Alcohol is not allowed in any City of Paducah park facility.
  • Soliciting or sale of material is not allowed in City of Paducah parks.
  • Parking is not allowed on grass in City of Paducah parks.
  • Do not nail signs to trees.
  • Obey posted hours of operation.
  • All dogs must be leashed and droppings picked up and disposed of in a waste receptacle when in City of Paducah parks.
  • Place all trash in waste receptacles.
  • Overnight stays are not allowed in a City of Paducah park.
  • Mechanical games, carnivals, or use of animals are not authorized in City of Paducah parks.
  • If a public address system or other amplification of voice and/or music is used, sound must not extend beyond the perimeter of the facility being utilized.
  • Ice-skating is not allowed on Gerry B. Montgomery Lake in Noble Park.
  • Personal watercraft are not allowed in Gerry B. Montgomery Lake in Noble Park.
  • Signs or banners cannot be hung from or on towers/front of Noble Park entrance.
  • Permits for special events and/or nonconforming uses are the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Director. Organizers are responsible for securing permits for such use through the Paducah Parks and Recreation office.
  • The Paducah Parks & Recreation Department may permit for exclusive use shelters, athletic fields, buildings, facilities and/or specific zones of the park. Other park users may not interfere with the permitted use.
  • The Parks & Recreation Director is authorized to temporarily adjust or suspend park rules as required to serve public safety and/or program logistics.


The Parks & Recreation Director is hereby authorized to adopt additional rules specific to each facility.  Said rules shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the relevant facility and shall be followed as if fully set forth herein.