Urban Renewal & Community Development Agency

About the Urban Renewal & Community Development Agency

The Urban Renewal & Community Development Agency is a special five member board of the city authorized under KRS 99.33-99.590 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.  Specific powers and duties of the board include the ability to purchase, lease, or acquire any real or personal property by negotiation or eminent domain within the City of Paducah for the purposes of redevelopment.  Property owned by Urban Renewal can then be sold, rented, repaired, or managed by the board.  Urban Renewal also has the authority to obtain loans, grants, or other sources of funds for redevelopment projects.  The board may also develop building sites, make infrastructure improvements, and demolish buildings among other duties listed in KRS 99.360.

URCDA meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Commission Chambers Conference Room at City Hall located at 300 South 5th Street.  

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Acquiring Property

URCDA owns several properties in the city that will hopefully be redeveloped.  Anyone interested in one of these properties may submit a proposal to the board for development to acquire the property. 

The proposal must contain at a minimum:

  1. the proposed use of the property (plans/elevations if applicable)
  2. an estimate of the improvements to be made to the property by a third party contractor
  3. timeline for improvements (start/finish dates)
  4. how much you are willing to pay for the lot/property

The process starts with initial interest contact to the Planning Department.  From there, the property has to be publicly advertised for approximately two weeks by placing an advertisement in the Paducah Sun and posting a sign on the property.  Proposals will be taken from any and all interested parties.  Urban Renewal can either select the proposal the majority of the board votes for, ask for more information, or reject any or all proposals.  If you are interested in making a proposal for a property please contact the Planning Department at 270-444-8690.

URCDA Board Members

Valerie Pollard - Chairperson (term expires February 23, 2020)
Bob Wade - Vice Chairman (term expires February 23, 2019)

Calvin Shanks (term expires February 23, 2020)
Daniel L. Key - Corporate Counsel