Alcoholic Beverage Control

Code of Ordinances

Information about the consumption and selling of Alcoholic Beverages including the sale of alcohol on Sundays as approved by the Paducah Board of Commissioners is found in Chapter 6 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances


If you have questions about the City of Paducah Alcoholic Beverage license or ordinance, contact

Tammara Sanderson
City Clerk/Deputy ABC Adminstrator

City Hall, 300 South 5th Street
P.O. Box 2267
Paducah, KY 42002-2267

Alcoholic Beverage Server Training

Chapter 6 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances to require alcoholic beverage training for persons licensed for or employed in the sale of alcoholic beverages by the drink.  This ordinance requires the training to include the identification of false documents, recognition of intoxication, and liability issues.  The goals of the training are to prevent youth access to alcohol and prevent over-service.  The training also explains retailer liability and how to handle different scenarios such as spotting a fake ID or confronting a patron who needs to be cut off.  All employees hired after the adoption of the ordinance shall complete server training within 30 days of being hired.  Re-certification shall be required every three years after the initial training with records maintained on-site verifying employment history and training. 

Approved Training Programs: 

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