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After the closing date of a bid, City staff reviews each bid in order to make a recommendation to the City Commission.  Visit Bid Results and Tabulations for further information.

Active Requests for Bids or Proposals

Request for Proposals for the Purchase and Transfer of Property located at 705 Finley Street, 921 North 7th Street and/or 923 North 7th Street

The City of Paducah, Kentucky is requesting sealed proposals for the purchase and transfer of property at 705 Finley Street, 921 North 7th Street and 923 North 7th Street. 

Transfer of property will be based on the best-evaluated future use of the property-25%, highest bid-25%, proposed reinvestment-25%, and compliance with applicable codes-25%.  To be considered for this property bidders must be current on City taxes and have no existing liens on any property currently owned in the City of Paducah. 

Persons interested in submitting a sealed proposal should submit a written offer to purchase including the purchase price offer, the intended use of the property, detailed drawings including elevations and floor plans, firm third party estimate of costs, proof of financial ability to complete the project, your full name, address, and telephone number in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Sealed Bid” with the address of the property marked on the outside.  Proposals can be mailed to The City of Paducah, Planning Dept. P. O. Box 2267, City Hall, Paducah, KY 42002-2267. For your convenience you may choose to use the attached form.  

All such sealed proposals should be submitted to the Planning Department prior to 9 a.m., local time on Thursday, March 16, 2017.  All proposals will be opened on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 9:01 a.m. in the City of Paducah Commission Chambers. 

For additional information please call 270-444-8690.  The City of Paducah reserve the right to reject any or all proposals submitted.

Invitation to Bid - Tables, Chairs, Risers, and Dance Floor - Paducah-McCracken Convention Center

The Paducah-McCracken Convention Corporation (PMCCC), along City of Paducah, Kentucky will receive sealed bids at the City Clerk’s Office, 301 South 5th Street, Paducah, Kentucky 42003 for the purchase and delivery of tables, chairs, risers and a portable dance floor for use at the convention center until February 27, 2017 at 2:00 PM (CTZ). Bids will be publicly opened and read at that time in the Commission Chamber room of the Paducah City Hall, 301 South 5th Street, Paducah, Kentucky.

Bids should be submitted in sealed Envelopes plainly marked “CONVENTION CENTER BID”.  Bids are being solicited only from responsible and established bidders known to be experienced and regularly engageed in the sale and delivery of the items sought in this solicitation. Satisfactory evidence that the bidder has the necessary capital, equipment and personnel to do the work may be required by the PMCCC.

Bid Information including Proposal Forms and Specifications >>

Request for Proposals for the Purchase of the Home at 1606 Harrison

The City of Paducah Urban Renewal and Community Development Agency is requesting proposals for the purchase and transfer of the property located at 1606 Harrison Street.

This new 1,380 square foot home is located in Paducah’s Historic Fountain Avenue Neighborhood.  Nine-foot ceilings frame an open floor plan that encompasses the living room, dining room and kitchen areas.  The house includes a spacious master bedroom, complete with extensive closet space.  The additional bedroom is perfect for use as an additional bedroom, guest room or home office.  It is situated in the heart of a newly restored historic neighborhood where young couples and families have begun to relocate in order to be closer to downtown attractions and conveniences.

Additional Information about Home at 1606 Harrison (includes photo) >>

The asking price is eligible for a 10% to 15% reduction in accordance with City Ordinance No. 2008-7-7435.  Non-residents of the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood will be eligible for a 10% reduction. A 15% reduction is available to current Fountain Avenue homeowners who have lived in the neighborhood prior to April 7, 2007.  This incentive is contingent on the buyer using the home as their primary residence.  For more details on the Fountain Avenue Financial Construction Assistance program please contact the Planning Department at (270) 444-8690.

  • The Purchase Price Before Fountain Avenue Incentive:  $154,360
  • After the Fountain Avenue 10% Reduction: $138,924
  • After the long term Fountain Avenue 15% Reduction: $134,360

Purchase contract awards will be based on the highest offer received  Offers to purchase this property that fall below the asking price of $154,360 will not be considered.  The Fountain Avenue Construction Assistance incentive of either 10% or 15% will be calculated subsequent to the proposed offer.  All offers must be submitted along with a letter of loan pre-approval from an established lending institution or other proof of financial ability to meet the proposed offer.  In addition, to be considered for this property, bidders must be current on City taxes and have no existing liens on any property currently owned in the City of Paducah.

The offer may be mailed or submitted in person to

Charles Doherty
City of Paducah
Planning Department
300 South 5th Street
Post Office Box 2267
Paducah, KY 42002-2237

If you have additional questions please contact Charles Doherty 270-444-8690 or by email at

Request for Qualifications - Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan

The City of Paducah is soliciting request for qualifications from qualified and experienced consulting engineering firms for the development of a Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan (CSMP). The overall objective of this project is to compile a document which provides clear and concise explanation of the City’s existing stormwater management program, presents a detailed investigation into key components of stormwater as it is related to the City, establishes stormwater management goals for the future, presents tools to meet or exceed established goals and provides a foundation for future policy decisions.

Request for Qualifications Information for Stormwater Master Plan >>

Seven hard copies of the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) should be mailed or delivered to Attn: Eric Hickman, P.E., Paducah Storm Water & Drainage Engineer, 300 South 5th Street, P.O. Box 2267, Paducah, KY 42002-2267. One electronic copy of the SOQ shall be e-mailed in PDF format to The SOQ should be labeled “City of Paducah Engineering and Public Works Department “. Hand delivered submittals should be delivered to the City of Paducah Engineering and Public Works Department, 2nd floor of City Hall located at 300 South 5th Street. The SOQ must be received by 3:00 (CST) Friday June 17, 2016. 

City of Paducah Code of Ordinances Chapter 50 Floods >>

1961 Sanitary, Storm, and Combined Sewers Master Plan Report >>

1989 Stormwater Drainage Study >>

2015 SMS4 Annual Compliance Report >>