Curbside Recycling

recycling program elements

Curbside Recycling Program Status

A curbside recycling program is being developed for the City of Paducah.  Currently, staff is working on the operational plan and policy changes to implement curbside recycling.  Public education campaigns are being developed to inform citizens of the recycling program and the changes to the brush and yard waste collection program.  The program specifics have not been determined at this time; however, there are eight (8) program elements that have been decided (see below). This program is targeted to start in January 2018. 

The sign-up procedure is under development.  Stay tuned!  We expect to begin signing up recycling customers in either November or December.

Approved Program Elements

At the September 12, 2017, meeting of the Paducah Board of Commissioners, the elected officials adopted a motion directing the City Manager to oversee the development of a curbside recycling program. The program will be based on eight (8) elements:

  • Implementation in January 2018
  • Residential service only
  • Voluntary subscription
  • Fee in $3 to $5 range per month per subscriber (The fee is due to the need to purchase rollout containers for recycling and due to the fact that the disposal of recyclable materials is, at this time, $5.18 more per ton than the disposal of solid waste.).  Staff recommends a $3 fee.
  • Collection at curbside/roadside (no alleys)
  • Collection twice per month 
  • Use 96-gallon blue rollout containers
  • Will require brush and yard waste program changes (The plan is to move to a call-in system with a minimum amount needed before collection.)

Keys to Success

The keys to the program’s success will be public participation and the efficiencies gained in the Engineering-Public Works Department through a restructuring of the brush and yard waste collection program.  The City is proposing a call-in request system with brush collection based upon a minimum volume of material to be collected.  Also, residents may be required to manage their yard waste/grass clipping at the household level.  Note: The specific changes to the brush and yard waste programs have not been determined yet. 

Why recycle?  At the September 12, 2017, meeting, City Manager Jeff Pederson said, “It’s accurate to say the interest in doing this is for environmental reasons.  We are not under any State mandates, that I’m aware of, to do source reduction.  We do not have a landfill that we are wanting to preserve space in.  So we are doing it for reasons other than regulatory.”

  The City of Paducah is committed to providing a responsible and efficient curbside recycling program that enables our community to make a positive impact on the environment.


The City of Paducah encourages citizens to be engaged throughout this process. Please direct comments, questions, and suggestions to Public Information Officer Pam Spencer or 270-444-8669.