Kick-Start Meetings

City of Paducah Kick-Start Meetings - Your Project, Our Priority

The goal of the Kick-Start Meeting is to provide a pre-application review of your potential project.  Our team is here to provide helpful information, feedback, and guidance as you prepare to launch your contemplated project.  A Kick-Start Meeting is an opportunity to meet with key City staff members from various departments prior to the preparation and submittal of a formal application to the City.  At a Kick-Start Meeting, you will be introduced to a Customer Experience Representative who will act as your liaison and point of contact throughout your journey. 

Projects that typically benefit from a Kick-Start Meeting include

  • Major subdivision projects
  • Projects that create or change public right-of-way
  • Apartment building projects
  • New builds or renovations in Downtown or Lower Town Paducah
  • Projects that impact historic buildings (pre-1960)
  • Projects that incur major stormwater considerations
  • Projects undertaken by non-local developers and entrepreneurs
  • Projects that do not have engineer or architect oversight
  • Commercial Site Developments
  • Change of Use Projects

Time & Location

Kick-Start Meetings are scheduled every other Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the Team Room on the first floor at City Hall (300 South 5th Street).

Scheduling a Kick-Start Meeting

To schedule a meeting, fill out the MEETING REQUEST FORM to the best of your ability and send to  A representative will contact you to schedule a meeting.  Customer Experience Representatives can be reached at 270-444-8800 if you have questions.

The project does not need to be finalized, but please provide as much information in the Meeting Request Form and at the Kick-Start Meeting as possible.  Bring any plans, drawings, or applicable information that you have available to your Kick-Start Meeting.

Who Should Attend a Kick-Start Meeting?

All key players in your project should attend the meeting.  This usually includes the owners, developers, contractors, engineers and architects who are working on the project. 

Which City Staff Members Attend Kick-Start Meetings?

The staff members in attendance vary slightly based on availability and the project’s scope.  A Customer Experience Representative will help determine and schedule the appropriate staff members to attend the Kick-Start Meeting. A typical meeting consists of the following staff members:

  • Building Inspector
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention
  • Director of Planning
  • Planner I
  • City Engineer & Public Works Director
  • Customer Experience Representative
  • Deputy Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator
NOTE: Information provided by staff at the Kick-Start Meeting is based upon the information provided; any change may alter the guidance provided. Call early and call often so we can navigate changes together.