Mission, Vision, and Organizational Values

mission values graphicVision Statement

Paducah is a city where people strive to reach their full potential through lifelong learning, healthy lifestyle, creativity, culture, and compassion for one another. (adopted May 8, 2018 and updated February 12, 2019)

Mission Statement

To be the best city in the world. (adopted December 17, 2018)

Organizational Values

Prior to the December 17, 2018, adoption of the Mission Statement and Organizational Values, the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and Public Information Officer drafted the Mission Statement and Values, presented them to the Leadership Team for input, discussed the drafts with various members of the community, and presented them to the Middle Management Team as a focus group for feedback. 

Solution-Driven:  We believe in proactively working together to discover innovative solutions that meet our current and future needs.

Customer Experience:  We believe in providing excellent service delivery for both our internal and external customers through a welcoming and respectful environment.  **To help us continue to serve you effectively, please take this Customer Satisfaction Survey after each interaction you have with City of Paducah employees.** 

Every Person Matters:  We believe that every member of Team Paducah is critically important as we strive to accomplish our mission, and every person that chooses to live, work, and play in our City matters.

Action-Oriented:  We believe Paducah leads through responsiveness, positive forward momentum, and a thirst to always improve.

Fiscal Responsibility:  We believe in the prudent stewardship of public funds.

Personal Accountability:  We believe in holding each other accountable to ensure our core values are intentionally fulfilled as we strive to carry out our mission.

Learn More

Learn more about the mission statement and organizational values by watching this Your City at Work episode with Public Information Officer Pam Spencer and City Manager Jim Arndt.

Your City at Work - Be the Best (2019)

Organizational Values Videos Featuring City Employees

This video, the first of six episodes, features eight City employees from the Parks & Recreation, Finance, Information Technology, Planning, and Engineering-Public Works departments discussing how they embrace the value, Fiscal Responsibility, in their jobs. Fiscal Responsibility - We believe in the prudent stewardship of public funds.

This 4-minute episode (released May 2019) features the following employees:  Brandy Topper-Curtiss, Taylor Morsching, Stephanie Millay, Mary Wurth, Dena Alexander, Katie Axt, Amie Clark, and Jessica Lott.

Paducah Organizational Values - Fiscal Responsibility

Stay tuned for more videos featuring City employees talking about the Organizational Values.