City Commission Meeting Highlights - February 25, 2020

Resolution to Postpone Request for Bids for Indoor Recreation & Aquatic Center to March 2021

Commissioner Richard Abraham made a motion for a resolution in support of postponing the request for bids for the construction of the Indoor Recreation & Aquatic Center until March 2021.  Commissioner Abraham presented reasons for his request to postpone including giving the private sector more time to fundraise for the facility and working on improving our ball fields.   

Before voting on the resolution, the Board then listened to comments from the public.  Thirty people provided their feedback for or against the facility.  Each person was given three minutes to present their thoughts.

Mayor Brandi Harless also made a presentation to provide information about the development of the facility and addressed some of the concerns that she has heard in the community. 

  • Community Concern:  This project has been rushed.  One of the slides in the presentation listed a timeline of more than two dozen meetings, engagement opportunities, and plans related to the facility.
  • Community Concern:  This project is only for a certain group of people.  Mayor Harless stressed that the goal is to create a center for all citizens that breaks even financially.  One of the slides listed the various amenities that are in the facility’s design.
  • Community Concern:  Location.  The Noble Park location is beneficial to numerous neighborhoods and a diverse population of Paducah.
  • Community Concern:  Financial Feasibility.  Mayor Harless explained that the City is working to hire a professional management company that will work to meet revenue goals.  Plus, the Friends of the Park organization is dedicated to raising funds to assist with the facility’s future.  The City also is seeking a medical partner tenant to provide an additional revenue stream.  Regarding the bond payments, the paying off of other debt issues within the next few years will release funds to pay for the facility.
  • Community Concern:  Affordability for Community Members.  Charitable donations and partners will work to provide scholarships for the various sports programs and equipment. 
  • Community Concern:  Other sports.  Mayor Harless reminded everyone that the City/County/CVB/CCC and McCracken County Sports Commission have a five-way interlocal agreement with each entity working on various sports, wellness, and recreation aspects.

Mayor Harless wrapped up the presentation by outlining the progress to date and the next steps.  The request for proposals for a management firm are due this Friday. 

Upon a call for a vote, Commissioner Richard Abraham voted for the resolution with the other members of the Board voting against the resolution.


Contract with Adam’s Contracting LLC for Bob Leeper Pedestrian Bridge Project (vote March 10)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance for a contract with Adams Contracting, LLC in the amount of $274,121 for the Bob Leeper Pedestrian Bridge project.  This pedestrian bridge over Perkins Creek just northwest of the Stuart Nelson ball fields will tie the City of Paducah Greenway Trail to the McCracken County Trail System.  This bridge will be approximately 110 feet long and 10 feet wide and will follow an abandoned rail bed of the Chicago, St. Louis, and New Orleans Railroad Company.  The project will be funded by a $100,000 Recreation Trails Grant through the Federal Highway Administration, $80,000 from the City, $30,000 from McCracken County, $30,000 from Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership, $5000 from Veolia North America, and $5000 from Geosyntec Consultants.  Once the contractor receives the Notice to Proceed, this is a 180-calendar day project.


Professional Services Contract with BFW Engineering & Testing for Floodwall Seal Closure Project (vote March 10)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance for a professional services contract in the amount of $52,204 with BFW Engineering & Testing for the Floodwall Seal Closure Project.  BFW will prepared the bid plans for the permanent closure or alteration of 13 floodwall openings.  These are floodwall openings that are no longer used or needed.


Franchise Agreement Between City of Paducah and Comcast

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance for the renewal of the Cable Television Franchise Agreement with Comcast of the South.  The purpose of this Franchise, which has a ten-year term effective March 1, 2020, is to grant a non-exclusive franchise to Comcast to continue to operate and maintain a cable television system within the City. The City issued a request for proposals for a Cable Television Franchise in January with a deadline of February 6, 2020.  Comcast submitted the only proposal. 


Quick Highlights 

  • Appointment of Chris Cappock to Brooks Stadium Commission.
  • Municipal order approved to accept the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Transportation Alternative Program grant in the amount of $432,500 for the Greenway Trail Phase V project.  This grant requires a local match of $108,125 with nearly $101,000 of that amount being funded by the Boyles Trust Fund.  This is the extension of the Greenway Trail from Schultz Park to Jefferson Street.  Now that Greenway Trail Phase IV is completed, the City can accept the Phase V grant funding.
  • Municipal order approved to submit a grant application request for $375,000 for the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Hiring Program.  If awarded, these funds would be used to hire three officers who would serve as School Resource Officers.  The grant would require a local match of $422,604 which would be covered by the Paducah School District.
  • Municipal order approved to submit a grant application request for $34,200 for the FY2019 Assistance to Firefighters Program.  This grant would require a local match of $3800.  If awarded, this grant would be used for various firefighting equipment including hose, supply lines, and nozzles.
  • Municipal order approved declaring the city-owned property at 831 Campbell Street as surplus and accepting the $1000 bid from Michael Petter for purchase.
  • Municipal order approved declaring the city-owned property at 2706 Ohio Street as surplus and accepting the $1200 bid from Dr. Velma Dennis for purchase.
  • Municipal order approved accepting the 2020 Parks & Recreation Master Plan.
  • Municipal order approved for a contract with Remotec, Inc. in the amount of $442,064 for the purchase of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot for the Police Department’s Bomb Squad.  This purchase is funded entirely by a Kentucky Office of Homeland Security grant.
  • Municipal order approved for a Memorandum of Understanding between the City and Sprocket regarding the Co-Working and Business Start-up Incubator to be located at 3121 Broadway.
  • Ordinance introduced (vote March 10) amending Code of Ordinances Section 78-32 related to vacation leave, an ordinance that hasn’t been amended since 1991.  To assist with recruitment and retention of employees, the vacation leave accruals will be amended to match those in the recently approved Paducah Police Bargaining Unit contract.
  • Ordinance introduced (vote March 10) to approve a budget amendment in the amount of $1.5 million for the BUILD grant match and project expenses.  Last year, the City received notice that it will be receiving a $10.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the Riverfront Excursion Pier and Plaza, improvements to the area near the Transient Boat Dock, and other transportation improvements.