City of Paducah Public Works Crews Pretreating Roadways

Date of release:  February 8, 2021

Iwinter weather update graphicn anticipation of winter precipitation this week, City of Paducah Public Works crews are pretreating the roadways.

Starting with the priority routes, crews will be spraying brine, a thin layer of salt water that dries into a fine powder and sticks to the surface of the roadway.  The crews plan to cover the entire city during working hours today and tomorrow.  Rock salt will be used in a few areas.

Public Works Director Chris Yarber said, “We have had a mild winter so far this year.  However, we are prepared and ready to tackle what Mother Nature gives us.”

The Public Works Department has five trucks equipped with snow plows.  Of those five trucks, three have brine tanks on the back with the other two set up to spread rock salt.  Please be alert for these slow-moving trucks that are either spraying brine or spreading rock salt.

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