COVID-19 Economic Impact Survey for Businesses

Note:  The survey deadline was noon on March 26.  Thank you to everyone who submitted responses.


Date of release:  March 20, 2020

The City of Paducah Planning Department has developed an online economic impact survey for businesses.  The 11-question survey takes two to three minutes to take.  Businesses inside and outside the Paducah city limits are welcome to participate.  To take the survey, visit or click the QR code graphic.

Mayor Brandi Harless sayssurvey graphic, “We have incredible and unique businesses here in Paducah and the surrounding region.  We want to make sure we understand what our businesses are experiencing during this difficult time so that we can put together a partnership and find ways to respond to their needs.”

A portion of the survey introduction reads, “The City of Paducah acknowledges that we are in uncharted territory. Like you, we are trying to navigate through new guidelines and actions to protect against COVID-19 anticipating that more uncertainty lies ahead.  To be most effective, we need to hear from you. Now is the time to share your specific business needs so state and federal agencies and elected leaders can be better informed on how to aid businesses in distress.”

Planning Director Tammara Tracy says, “This is a data gathering survey so that we can truly know how this virus pandemic is affecting our local businesses.  We intend to use the aggregated information to influence and guide state and federal resources and any other relief opportunities.  The survey is anonymous, but it does have an option to provide contact information so that we will be able to make connections.”

Questions on the survey include business location, type, number of employees, and how COVID-19 is affecting business operations in addition to questions regarding assistance options and needs.