Enhanced Maintenance at Oak Grove Cemetery

Date of release:  January 7, 2021

oak grove cemetery plan graphicThe Paducah Parks & Recreation Department is working to improve the maintenance program and the community’s safety at Oak Grove Cemetery by providing clearer guidelines and expectations.  As part of the maintenance schedule, staff will be auditing the cemetery twice annually.  The first sweep of the cemetery is scheduled for March with the next sweep in the fall.

Families are asked to visit burial plots and remove items of decoration that are not permitted in the guidelines before March 15.  After that date and during each sweep, Parks & Recreation crews will remove and discard banned items.  The decorations will be removed to secure the safety of staff and visitors, prevent damage to maintenance equipment, and increase the efficiency in grounds maintenance.

Parks & Recreation Department Director Amie Clark said, “We want to give families as much time as possible to visit the cemetery so that they can honor their loved ones with welcome items.  We are attempting to contact families; however, we encourage families to reach out to the Parks Department by calling 270-444-8508 to ask questions about the guidelines and approved items.  Furthermore, since many families arrange for burial at Oak Grove through funerals homes, we are asking funeral homes to help us contact families that may need to visit and remove or replace items.”   

The following forms of decoration are approved at burial plots:

  • Fresh or artificial flowers in a cemetery-approved vase that is permanently mounted on the monument or memorial.  Vases that are made of glass, porcelain, or plastic cannot be placed at a grave since they can be damaged during maintenance operations.
  • Flowers in a hanging basket or a hanging solar lantern on an iron or steel, single hook shepherd’s hook that is 48 inches in length.
  • Monument benches placed by a monument company and set as the headstone.

Items that are not permitted at burial plots include toys, ornaments, borders, plantings, ground covers (such as stones, gravel, mulch, etc.) candles, unsecured garden benches, or fragile items such as glass. 

If a family or organization would like to provide maintenance on family plots, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 270-444-8508 for coordination.

The updated guidelines for the city-owned cemetery located at 1613 Park Avenue are posted on the City’s website at  http://paducahky.gov/oak-grove-cemetery