Greenway Trail Phase V Project - Access to Schultz Park Restricted Beginning Monday, May 11

Date of release:  May 7, 2020

Greenway Trail Phase VIn October 2019, the City celebrated the ribbon cutting for the Greenway Trail Phase IV project which extended the trail from Campbell Street to the Transient Boat Dock and added numerous sidewalks and lighting to the park adjacent to the dock.  Now, the construction for the next phase of the trail, Greenway Trail Phase V, is beginning which will further extend the trail along the riverfront to Jefferson Street and greatly enhance Schultz Park. This phase includes a separate Greenway Trail path for cyclists and pedestrians and an improvement to the roadway through Schultz Park for vehicles. 

In April, the City approved a contract with Jim Smith Contracting, LLC for the Greenway Trail Phase V project.  On Monday, May 11, the contractor will begin the project’s construction.  From May 11 until the project’s completion, which is expected by Labor Day, the floodwall openings at Water Street and Jefferson Street and on Monroe Street adjacent to the Farmers’ Market will be closed to vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic.  Construction vehicles will use the Monroe Street opening during the weekdays.  All access to Schultz Park will be restricted.  The contractor will be placing barriers to restrict access to the project site and is asking the public to respect the barriers.

Access to the Transient Boat Dock and Greenway Trail Phase IV will be will be provided through the floodwall openings at North 2nd Street and Madison and at North 3rd Street and Harrison.  This project does not affect access to the riverfront at the foot of Broadway.

Greenway Trail Phase V is funded primarily with a Transportation Enhancement Grant administered by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  The City’s match is funded from the Boyles Trust Fund. 

For more information about the Clyde F. Boyles Greenway Trail which extends approximately five miles, visit


The extension of the Greenway Trail can be tied to Our Community and the Performance Area, Develop Healthy and Sustainable Neighborhoods, as outlined in Paducah’s Strategic Plan.  The outcome for this Action Item is to design and construct sidewalks, pedestrian walkways/bike paths, and/or bike lanes to connect our neighborhoods.  Learn more about the Strategic Plan at