Paducah Launches Scope My Project - OpenCounter Zoning and Business Portals

Date of release:  February 10, 2020

Paducah Launches OpenCounter Zoning and Business Portals, Business Development Tools for Project Scoping

OpenCounter, Scope My ProjectPaducah is proud to announce the launch of two new online tools centered around business development and project scoping.  These user-friendly tools are powered by OpenCounter, a software company that specializes in helping citizens navigate a city’s permitting and zoning requirements.  Both Scope My Project tools are free to use and available at  A two-minute video showing how to use the online tools is below.  

Scope My Project - Paducah's Online Business Development Tool

Paducah is offering two opportunities for those interested in the portals to come to City Hall for personalized, one-on-one demonstrations.  The open house dates will be Thursday, February 13 from 9 until 11 a.m. and Friday, February 14 from 2 until 4 p.m.  Participants can come and go at any time during the scheduled open house times.

The first Scope My Project tool is a Zoning Portal allowing users to explore where different business types are permitted throughout Paducah.  The second option is a Business Permitting Portal, a project scoping tool, which guides the user to specific license, permits, and requirements for constructing, renovating, and developing a business in Paducah.  After answering the questions in the portals, a summary specific to the project can be downloaded.   This summary will include zoning information, permits needed, and a preliminary estimate of permit fees.  The portals also include links to contact City staff and an opportunity to create a free account to save project information.

City Manager Jim Arndt says, “Paducah’s new online tools are intentionally designed to give entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to invest in this community a clear outline of the processes, permits, and estimated fees they might face.  These portals will eliminate surprises and increase efficiencies by improving communications between these community investors and the City government.  Our goal is to turn these business dreams into realities.” 

To develop the Scope My Project online portals, City Clerk/Customer Experience Department Director Lindsay Parish has been working with OpenCounter and leading a city team with representatives from each department involved in business development and construction.

Parish says, “Our City team has been inputting data and testing the software to make sure the business and zoning portals accurately reflect Paducah’s processes. This software system is designed specifically for Paducah using our codes, regulations, permits, and procedures to create a quick, customized guide.”

“The two portals will help guide citizens, entrepreneurs, developers, contractors, and business owners who are embarking on complex projects, such a starting a new business or a renovation project, through the City’s permitting requirements.  We have diligently worked to coordinate our internal workflow so that we can build better relationships with our customers.  These tools are designed to increase communication, enhance availability, and eliminate confusion,” adds Parish.

The Scope My Project online tool through OpenCounter is one of the initiatives developed over the past several months as the City of Paducah has been focusing on placing customer experience at the forefront of operations.  Other initiatives that have been created include the Customer Experience Department, kick-start pre-application meetings, certificate of occupancy celebrations, and the Small Business Resource Guide.