Public Parking Identification Signs to be Installed This Week

Date of release:  January 28, 2020

parking sign

As the City of Paducah engages the public regarding downtown projects, a topic of discussion has involved increasing the awareness of the various public parking locations.  Planning Director Tammara Tracy has been working to develop signage and identify the best locations to install signs to notify the public of available parking lots. 

Tracy says, “Downtown Paducah has numerous parking lots. However, clear and consistent signage was lacking.  Our goal is to bring awareness to underutilized parking lots such as the large city-owned lot at 3rd Street and Kentucky Avenue.”

Beginning this week, crews with Horizon Media Group will be installing 22 public parking identification signs in historic downtown Paducah.

The parking areas that will be receiving public parking identification signs are as follows:

  • Farmers’ Market lot at North 2nd Street and Jefferson Street
  • Maiden Alley lot at Kentucky Avenue and Maiden Alley
  • Finkel lot at Marine Way and Washington Street
  •   Chamber/Carson Center lot with entrances off Clark Street, Marine Way, and Washington Street behind The Commerce Center building and across from Carson Center
  • Kentucky Avenue lot at South 3rd and Kentucky Avenue
  • Gazebo lot at 2nd and Broadway
  • Parking area near Transient Boat Dock and Schultz Park
  • Parking area at the Foot of Broadway near Wilson Stage

Tracy adds, “As a planner and someone who moved to Paducah less than two years ago, I understand the benefits of wayfinding signage.  Navigating a downtown urban center can be frustrating.  The addition of aesthetically pleasing and internationally recognized signs can make a visit to downtown safer as well as more pleasant and accessible.”

In addition to the public parking identification signage, the City is working to select locations and design several ADA parking spots along Broadway. 

parking signs map




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