Social Distancing Bingo - Sponsored by Paducah Main Street

Paducah Main Street is sponsoring Social Distancing Bingo.  Customers across the region will compete to be the first to complete their Bingo card for a chance to win a $25 gift card to the Downtown Paducah merchant of their choice, courtesy of Paducah Main Street. To win, customers should complete one row of activities, listed diagonally, straight across, or up/down.  Follow the directions on the graphic.  Photos or proofs of purchase must be submitted by email to Melanie Reason ( for each square that you use in your bingo line.  The items must be purchased from merchants in the Downtown and Lower Town Neighborhoods in an area from Water Street to 9th Street and Washington Street to Park Avenue.  The first two people to send in their completed cards will receive a $25 gift card to the Downtown Paducah business of their choice. 

Please follow social distancing guidelines and have fun!

The winners will be announced on the Paducah Main Street Facebook page.

social distancing bingo