Waiver of ABC Renewal Fees for Certain Licenses Due January 31, 2021

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an emergency ordinance to waive the 2021 renewal fees that are due January 31, 2021, for certain alcohol license types.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Executive Orders from the Governor’s office, many businesses were required to either close or operate at a diminished capacity with restaurants and bars seeing a substantial financial impact.  The Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has allowed for a 12-month fee waiver for certain license types.  This action by the City of Paducah mirrors the State’s action and provides a benefit to the businesses totaling approximately $97,000.  In Paducah, 108 business which have a total of 201 licenses (some businesses have more than one license) will benefit from the renewal waiver.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fee Waiver

Mayor George P. Bray said, “Restaurants are an important part of our economy.  That segment of our economy has been affected greatly, much more than other segments of the economy, with the pandemic.  From my standpoint, this is a recognition of a) what those businesses have gone through and b) how important they are to our economy and the fabric of Paducah.”

Each business still is required to submit to the Paducah Finance Department a copy of its 2022 State Alcoholic Beverage License on or before January 31, 2021, in order to receive its local Alcoholic Beverage License.  Businesses also need to have a current business license and be up-to-date on payroll taxes and property taxes in order to receive their local alcohol license.  This waiver is only for businesses that are renewing their annual license.  New applications must still make a payment.

The renewal fees for the following alcohol license types that are due January 31, 2021, are waived entirely for 2021:

Brewer’s License
Caterer’s License
Extended Hours Supplemental License
Microbrewery License
NQ-1 Retail Drink License
NQ-2 Retail Drink License
NQ-3 Retail Drink License
NQ-4 Retail Malt Beverage Drink License
Qualified Historic Site License
Quota Retail Drink License
Special Sunday Retail Drink License
Supplemental Bar License

For more information, visit http://paducahky.gov/alcoholic-beverage-control-abc.

Date of release:  January 12, 2021

ABC fee waiver graphic