Priority Action Item - Minority Inclusion

Minority Inclusioncommission priority


Intentional minority inclusion in City employment, committees, and boards. 

Key Team Members

Mayor George P. Bray
Commissioner Raynarldo Henderson
Human Resources Director Stefanie Suazo


  • Team Paducah (departments, Leadership Team, Boards and Commissions) are representative of the community's demographics through attrition and inclusion based hiring tactics
  • Identify and adopt city-wide and departmental inclusion hiring strategies
  • City-wide inclusion training for all departments, boards, and commissions
  • Implementation of a Multi-department Inclusion Team (MIT) with team members from all levels of the organization
  • Encourage and support a community Diversity and Inclusion Council
  • Create a diversity and inclusion statement 

Quarterly Update - April 2021

Reflection of Community  Creating an internal dashboard of the City’s employee demographics with a goal of updating quarterly to measure how closely we reflect the City’s demographics.

Inclusive Recruiting  Focusing on inclusive recruitment processes by assembling a list of local minority groups for job announcements, posting positions on national minority professional associations, and working with the Leadership Team to break down barriers that exist to apply for city positions.

Engagement  Mayor George Bray held several meetings with citizens to establish the structure, purpose, and bylaws of the to-be-established Paducah Diversity Advisory Board. 


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