Priority Action Item - Stormwater

Stormwatercommission priorities


Further investigate the implementation of a stormwater master plan. 

Key Team Members

City Manager's Office
City Engineer Rick Murphy
Finance Director Jonathan Perkins


  • Educate Board of Commissioners on current Stormwater Master Plan and Stormwater Utility
  • Reassess and consider the timeline assumptions
  • Consider adoption of the Plan
  • Consider using portion of existing bond proceeds for identified projects within the plan
  • Board of Commissioners to consider the feasibility of a stormwater utility fee excluding the floodwall costs
  • Identify and establish a community-wide strategy supported by local businesses and churches  

Quarterly Update - April 2021

Stormwater Projects  Amending the contract with engineering consultant, Strand Associates, to include modeling and cost estimates for four possible stormwater projects listed in the Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan.

Buckner Lane Bridge Project  The Buckner Lane Bridge project right-of-way and easement negotiations are on-going. The design is complete.

South 25th Street and South 24th Street  The engineering design is underway for the South 25th Street and South 24th Street improvement projects. 


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