Records and Evidence


The Records Unit maintains all police reports completed by our officers in addition to body-worn and in-car camera videos, and investigative case files.  In a typical year, the Records unit processes more than 660 case files, 2000 warrants, and 10,000 traffic and criminal citations.  The Records Unit is responsible for assisting citizens with obtaining copies of police reports (both criminal and collision reports), managing much of the department's paperwork flow, collecting parking violation payments, and tracking transport and extradition reimbursements.  

Police records are accessible to the public and other law enforcement agencies for the retrieval of information.  Access to certain information will require an Open Records Request Form to be mailed to the address below where it can be filed and approved.

Paducah Police Department Records Unit

P.O. Box 2267
Paducah, KY 42002-2267 
Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


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TRAFFIC COLLISION REPORTS = $5.00 through Paducah Police Department.  Copies of collision reports can be obtained 1) In person at the Police Department or 2) Via internet at Buy Crash.  You will need the case number given to you at the time your report was taken, the report date, and the last name of the owner/driver of the vehicle. Use Paducah Police Department as the agency. 


Buy Crimes logo    CRIMINAL REPORTS = $1.00 through the Paducah Police Department (no charge for victim); Criminal reports can be obtained through the internet at Buy Crimes.  Individuals will need the case number and report date.  If you are unable to access your report, please contact the Records Unit at the number above.  There is a fee for accessing reports online.  Only persons involved in an incident may obtain a copy of the report.  A report that references multiple victims may not be available online.  

  • Copies of videotapes/DVDs = $25.00 each
  • Copies of photo CDs = $10.00 each
  • Copies of audiotapes = $5.00 each
  • For large files, there is an additional charge of 10 cents per page.


evidence room

The Evidence Unit is responsible for the security and accountability of all evidence and property seized by the Paducah Police Department's sworn officers.  The unit maintains approximately 12,000 items of evidential value and conducts random quarterly audits to maintain the integrity of the system.  

Each year, the Evidence Unit logs more than 3000 new pieces of evidence with approximately the same number of items eliminated and disposed of through court-ordered release or destruction. 

The Evidence Unit releases forfeited firearms to the Kentucky State Police.  By State statute, the KSP takes the guns and resells them to licensed gun dealers.  The funds that are generated go toward the purchase of bullet proof vests.  Like many evidence rooms, the Paducah Police Department does not keep seized money on the premises.  It is deposited into a bank until it is court-ordered to be returned or forfeited for use by the Police Department.

The duties for the Evidence Unit include

  • Storage of evidence and recovered property
  • Returning recovered property to owners or other investigating agencies
  • Maintaining records on all evidence and recovered property
  • Submitting evidence for analysis
  • Transporting evidence to various labs and court proceedings
  • Disposing of evidence following final disposition by the courts
  • Managing in-car video systems for police cruisers.