Site Plans

Site Plan Review Process

All commercial developments and additions in the City require a site plan be submitted to the Department of Planning (270-444-8690) for review before any building permits can be issued.  The process starts with a preliminary meeting with staff to discuss the proposed improvements and elements required to be on the plan.  Site plans should be drawn according to the site plan checklist unless otherwise directed by staff. 

Once an adequate site plan is submitted, Planning staff review it for compliance with applicable planning & zoning regulations.  If acceptable, planning staff will sign off on the plan and forward it to the Engineering Department (270-444-8511) for review.  Once approved by Engineering, the plan is then forwarded to the Fire Prevention Division (270-444-8527) in order that building permits can be issued.

Site Plan Requirements

Site plans and parking layouts, except on lots serving single-family dwellings, shall be submitted for approval consideration by the Planning and Zoning Administrator (Planning Department) and the City Engineer (Engineering-Public Works Department).   Upon approval of the site plan, a permit for development may be issued by the Building Inspector (Fire Prevention Division).  A preliminary site plan meeting is recommended to discuss items which are applicable to each specific site plan.


Site Plan Requirements
Site Plan Requirements Checklist

Additional site plan requirements that may be applicable to a construction site are outlined in the City of Paducah's Stormwater Phase II Program.

Standard Note for Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control

Standard Note for Floodplains


ONE (1) copy of the site plan shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator (Planning Department) with the following non-refundable filing fee: 

  • The fee for processing a full site plan (with stormwater) is $100.00.
  • The fee for processing a minor site plan (without stormwater) is $50.00.