Support Services Division

Boxes of evidenceAbout the Support Services Division

The Support Services Division of the Paducah Police Department is comprised of the following three units:  the Drug Unit, the General Investigations Unit (GIU), and Records and Evidence.  The three units were combined in January 2010 to form the Support Services Division led by the Assistant Chief of Support Services.  Support Services also includes the Department's Crime Analyst.

These three specialized units are equally important in bringing an investigation to a successful conclusion and ensuring custody of records and evidence for criminal prosecution.

Additional Specialized Units Within Support Services

polygraphDigital Forensics Unit - The Digital Forensics Unit (DFU), which was first formed in 2011, is the Paducah Police Department’s response to the rise in the use of technology in crime.  In 2020, the unit had four part-time examiners and one supervisor consisting of sworn personnel who perform this function in addition to their normal duties.  While mobile phones are the most frequent items examined, the DFU has the capability to examine computers, tablets, and other digital storage devices as well. The DFU not only analyzes digital evidence for the Paducah Police Department’s cases but also serviced over 18 states, local, and federal agencies. Led by Sgt. Justin Hodges, the unit examined more than 302 items in 2020.      

Polygraph Unit - Det. Nathan Jaimet was certified in 2019 as a Polygraph Examiner in Kentucky.  Det. Jaimet had to complete over 400 hours of training and conduct multiple supervised polygraphs. In 2020, he performed 22 criminal polygraphs and 23 pre-employment polygraphs for the Paducah Police Department and other state and local agencies.