Mission Statement

The Engineering Department's mission is to provide effective and efficient support services for all citizens of Paducah. The Engineering Department is composed of Engineering Services and Floodwall Operations.  

Engineering Contacts 

Rick Murphy   City Engineer
  Assistant City Engineer

City Hall, 2nd Floor
300 South 5th Street
P.O. Box 2267
Paducah, KY 42002-2267
Phone:  270-444-8511
Fax:  270-444-8689

Engineering Divisions and Operations

Engineering Services - Engineering Services provides engineering support services for various governmental departments and divisions, administers infrastructure related capital improvements, and administers storm water, right-of-way, and other regulatory responsibilities and regulations required by the State & Federal Government.  This division is responsible for commercial site review, and provides reliable professional assistance to the public, ensuring the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure is carried out in a cost-effective manner, in accordance with sound engineering principles, practices, and regulations, helping protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.  Engineering also is responsible for coordinating the restoration and repair of approximately 446 lane miles of city Streets coupled with the Municipal Aid Program.   

Floodwall Operations - Floodwall Operations executes all operation and maintenance functions for the City’s floodwall and related appurtenances to ensure the highest level of preparedness for the protection of the community’s health, safety, and welfare that may be threatened during flooding conditions from the Ohio & Tennessee Rivers. The floodwall consists of a concrete and earthen levee system that extends 12.25 miles (9.25 miles of earthen levee and 3.0 miles of concrete) as well as 12 pump stations, numerous discharge pipes, vehicular openings, and other interrelated parts. The Paducah Floodwall system protects and minimizes the flood risk for 11,000 acres, over 20,000 people and an estimated $1.2 billion of assets.