Festival/Event Permits

Permits are issued for general assemblies, also referred to as special events.  Special events that require permits include walks at Noble Park, parades, festivals, and fishing tournaments at the Ohio River Boat Launch.  A permit is necessary for a special event that will be conducted on the streets, parks, or other public areas in the City of Paducah.  A Public Assembly/Special Event Permit Application Form should be completed and submitted to the Parks and Recreation Office.  Applications need to be submitted prior to the event as follows:

Classification  Expected Participants  Timeline 
 Class 1  1 to 250  30 days
 Class 2  251 to 1,000  60 days
 Class 3  1,000 plus  90 days
For a document that describes when a permit needs to be submitted, the City services that are available and their costs, signage, video or film production, liability insurance requirements, traffic control and safety requirements, and application procedures, click Policies and Procedures for Special Event Applications.

To learn more about the permitting process, watch this episode of Paducah View.  In this 3:30 minute video, Parks and Recreation Department Director Mark Thompson (retired) explains the permitting process for organizations to hold events such as festivals in the City of Paducah.

Paducah View (episode 4) - Permitting Process


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