Fire Marshal

Contact the Fire Marshal's Office

City Hall
Fire Prevention Division
300 South 5th Street
Paducah, KY  42003

Smoke Alarms and Fire Prevention Inspections

The Paducah Fire Department will install smoke alarms at no charge to Paducah residents.  To make an appointment for firefighters to come to your home to install a smoke alarm, call 270-444-8521.

Fire Prevention Inspections are conducted annually on residential, assembly, education, business, mercantile, storage, factory and industrial, high hazard, and utility and miscellaneous type use groups. These inspections are being conducted using the Kentucky Fire Prevention Code which also references additional codes. All locations must comply to the codes and ordinances as they pertain to the type occupancy that they are classified. All locations are subject to additional inspections such as follow-ups or complaints. All inspections will be conducted by certified fire prevention inspectors. If you have any questions about inspections, please call the Fire Marshal's office at 270-444-8522.

Public Education

The Fire Marshal's office offers in-services, talks, and demonstrations on fire safety and education free of charge to all legitimate civic organizations, businesses, schools, churches, and healthcare facilities. For availability and scheduling of this service, please call 270-444-8522 or 270-444-8521.

Click Preventing Home Fires to view a 15 second Public Service Announcement. 

Click Fire Escape Grid to download a blank grid to draw your home's floor plan.

Risk Watch

Risk Watch is the first comprehensive curriculum that targets the eight major risk areas that kill or threaten most children each year. The Paducah Fire Department has teamed up with Paducah Police Department, Lourdes Hospital, Baptist Health Paducah, Mercy Regional EMS, and McCracken County Health Department to give teachers the tools they need to prepare youngsters for the bright, challenging, and safe future they deserve.

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Risk Watch
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