Historic & Architectural Review Commission - HARC

Historic & Architectural Review Commission (HARC) Meetings

The Historic & Architectural Review Commission (HARC) meets on the second Monday of every month at 5:30 PM in the Commission Chambers of City Hall. Deadlines for these meetings are 21 days before the meeting date before noon.  Contact the City of Paducah Department of Planning at 270-444-8690 if you have any questions about the Historic and Architectural Review Commission.

Agenda - December 19, 2022

HARC Minutes

DRAFT Update to Neighborhood Design Standards for H-1

About HARC

The City of Paducah Historical and Architectural Review Commission was established under KRS 100.217.  HARC is a special board of adjustment, which has sole and exclusive jurisdiction as a Board of Adjustment over historic zones and the Neighborhood Services Zone (NSZ) within the City.  The HARC consists of five members, each appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Commission. The HARC is a highly specialized administrative body.  Where practical, its membership is to include at least two preservation related professional members from the fields of architecture history, archaeology, history, planning, or related fields.  All members shall have an interest in historic preservation and a background of historical study.  When one or two professionals are not available, the Mayor may appoint other persons interested in historic preservation to serve.

Forms and Applications

HARC's main duty is the power to review and approve application for a Certificate of Appropriateness or a Certificate of Zoning Compliance.  The City of Paducah's zoning ordinance states that no person shall cause or permit changes in the exterior appearance of real estate lying within a historical zone or the NSZ without first applying for and obtaining a special conditional use permit, to be known as a Certificate of Appropriateness or Certificate of Zoning Compliance. Other duties carried on by the HARC include, but are not limited to

  • Hold Public Hearings
  • Review and approve conditional uses in the H-1 or H-2 Zone
  • ​Review and approve dimensional variances in the H-1 or H-2 Zone
  • ​Review and approve Non-Conforming Uses in the H-1 or H-2 Zone
  • ​Conduct Administrative Reviews
  • ​Hear Zoning Appeals and render decisions
  • ​Administer Certificates of Land Use Restriction for structures in the H-1 or H-2 Zone
  • Review sites for Designation of Historic Districts, Landmarks and Landmark sites within the city
  • Review sites for Nomination to the National Register of Historic Places within the city

    HARC Membership

    Heather Coltharp (term expires June 4, 2024)
    Amanda Johnson (term expires June 4, 2024)
    Christopher Jones (term expires June 4, 2024)
    Greg McCord (term expires March 9, 2024)

    Melinda Winchester (term expires March 9, 2024)

    Paducah's Historic Zones

    The City of Paducah has several historic districts and historic properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Paducah has two types of historic zones: the H-1 Historic Commercial Zone, which covers the Market House / Second Street area and the H-2 Historic Neighborhood Zone which includes the Lower Town area.  The purpose of the historic zones is to encourage the development, redevelopment and preservations of the City of Paducah's historic areas.  The Historic & Architectural Review Commission reviews all nominations to the Historic Register locally. 

    Advisory Design Guidelines - guidelines to Paducah's historic neighborhoods. 

    Demolition Control Zone - includes a map and information about the process of demolishing buildings in historic areas.

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