2018 National Citizen Survey Results Show High Quality of Life in Paducah

Date of release:  August 21, 2018

2018 Paducah Citizen Survey logoThe City of Paducah has received the results from the National Citizen Survey that was mailed earlier this year to 1500 randomly-selected households within the Paducah city limits.  The survey asks questions about a community’s livability which includes city services, civic participation, governance, and various community characteristics.  

On the conclusion page in the Community Livability report, it states, “Paducah residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life and feel more positively about Paducah as a place to retire than in past survey years.” 

The percent of positive responses for the question asking about the overall quality of life in Paducah jumped from 63% positive in 2013 to 68% positive in 2016 and to 70% positive in 2018.  Regarding Paducah as a place to retire, the percent of positive ratings increased from 63% in 2013 to 65% in 2016 with a significant jump to 74% in 2018.

City Manager Jim Arndt says, “I was thrilled to see that our ratings showed either stability or notable positive increases.  Of the 134 items for which comparisons were available, 109 items were rated similarly in 2016 and 2018, and 23 items showed statistically significant increases in ratings of more than seven percentage points.  Those increases were in categories including Paducah as place to retire, the value of services for taxes paid in Paducah, the overall direction of Paducah, recycling opportunities, economic development, and recreation programs.”

A couple of other questions with noteworthy increases focused on governance and participation. When asked to rate the overall direction that Paducah is taking, the positive responses increased from 39% in 2013 to 42% in 2016 and to 51% in 2018.  Regarding the question about how likely you would recommend living in Paducah to someone who asks, the positive responses increased from 75% in 2013 to 78% in 2016 and to 82% in 2018.

Arndt adds, “We are now reviewing the results and aligning them with the Key Performance Areas and Objectives outlined in Paducah’s Strategic Plan.”

Public Information Officer Pam Spencer says, “This is our third time to conduct the National Citizen Survey.  Each time we conduct the survey, we gain valuable information which helps determine the areas we need to focus our energy so that we can continue to experience improvement.”

The National Citizen Survey gathers feedback from citizens about the three pillars of a community:  Community Characteristics, Governance, and Participation. 

The pillars are further divided into eight facets: Safety, Mobility, Natural Environment, Built Environment, Economy, Recreation & Wellness, Education & Enrichment, and Community Engagement.  Each question on the survey is connected to a pillar and facet.  Over the next several weeks, specific results relating to each facet will be released. 

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the NRC develop the survey which is used by hundreds of cities.  For more information including the survey instrument, visit Citizen Survey.

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