2020 Dogwood Trail Children’s Art Contest

Date of release:  April 7, 2020

Pictured:  Children’s Art Contest Best of Show Winner, Up Close and Personal, by Wells Hancock (Clark Elementary, 5th Grade)

Best of ShowThe Paducah Civic Beautification Board is announcing the winners of the Dogwood Trail Children’s Art Contest.

This year, the Board invited Paducah School District students in third through fifth grades to participate.  Missy Kern, art teacher at Clark Elementary, and Sierra Senn, art teacher at McNabb Elementary, involved their students in this project during the month of February.  The Board received artwork from 340 Clark Elementary students and 150 McNabb Elementary students.  Paducah Power System is the sponsor for this year’s Dogwood Trail and the Children’s Art Contest.

The Best of Show winner is called Up Close and Personal by Wells Hancock, a fifth-grader at Clark Elementary. 

Monica Feiler with the Paducah Civic Beautification Board organized the contest.  Feiler says, “The results were amazing.  We were excited to see such beautiful drawings using everything from crayons to watercolors.  This was truly a challenge for the judges to choose winners from such a wide array of art.”

Feiler adds, “We thank our art teachers and students who participated and our partner, Paducah Power, for making the art contest a reality.  What a great way to teach our children of Paducah about a springtime tradition that has thrilled and excited Paducahans for 56 years.”

To view the winners of the Children’s Art Contest and several of the entries, visit the City of Paducah Kentucky Government Facebook page.

The 56th Annual Dogwood Trail begins Wednesday, April 8.  Homeowners are asked to light their flowers, shrubs, and dogwoods from April 8 through April 15. 

The Dogwood Trail is a beautiful 12-mile drive by day or night, when homeowners spotlight their trees and spring plantings.  While the trees are in bloom, there are Dogwood Trail signs located at turns in the Trail.  This year, some homeowners are using green lights as requested by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to show solidarity and compassion for the victims of the coronavirus.

The public is requested to practice social distancing while enjoying this self-guided driving tour.  For more information, visit the Dogwood Trail.