56th Annual Dogwood Trail Begins April 8, 2020

Date of release:  April 2, 2020

The Paducah Civic Beautification Board is excited to announce the 56th Annual Dogwood Trail will begin April 8.  Homeowners are asked to light up their flowers, shrubs, and dogwoods from April 8 through April 15.  Paducah Power System is sponsoring this year's Trail.

Dogwood Trail Chairperson Jackie Smith says, “Celebrating the resilience and beauty of the dogwood tree seems fitting as we as a city face the challenges of COVID-19.  We ask that our community light their dogwood trees, landscaping, and most importantly their American Flags to celebrate our traditions and patriotism.”  

The Dogwood Trail is a beautiful 12-mile drive by day or night, when homeowners spotlight their trees and spring plantings.  While the trees are in bloom, there are Dogwood Trail signs located at turns in the Trail.  This year, some homeowners are using green lights as requested by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to show solidarity and compassion for the victims of the coronavirus.

Smith adds, “As a show of unity, the prize money that would have been provided to the Dogwood Trail winners will be donated to Community Kitchen to help those most in need at this time.  Next year, the Paducah Civic Beautification Board will resume awarding prizes to our best in trail.”  

The public is requested to practice social distancing while enjoying this self-guided driving tour.  For more information, visit Dogwood Trail.

2020 Dogwood Trail Map