Brush Collection Changes Due to Volume of Storm Debris

Date of release:  July 3, 2018

yard and brush graphicDue to the amount of brush and yard debris created by the Thursday, June 28 storm event, the City of Paducah Engineering-Public Works Department (EPW) is suspending until further notice the call-in requirement for yard and brush collection.  Residents do not need to call EPW to request a collection as a result of this storm. 

City crews are collecting brush and yard debris based upon the Tuesday through Friday garbage collection zones.  In other words, if your trash is collected on Tuesday, then crews will make every effort to collect all of the brush and yard waste in that zone on the same day.  Once a daily zone is completed, crews will move to the next zone. 

As a reminder, if you have a couple of bags of yard waste or a few twigs and limbs, it is acceptable to place those items in your garbage rollout for collection.  Small amounts of yard debris can be placed in garbage rollouts.

To make the collection of brush as efficient as possible and to prevent the blocking of storm drainage systems, please place brush and yard debris near the edge of the road and not in the alleys.  Please make every effort to avoid placing the larger piles of debris under utility lines or near objects such as fire hydrants.

  • If you live on a street with curbs and gutter, place the brush and yard waste on the back side of the curb off of the sidewalk.
  • If you live on a street without curbs and gutters, place the brush and yard waste where it can be reached but not in the drainage ditch.

Brush should be no longer than 48 inches in length with trunks no larger than 19 inches in diameter.

EPW encourages Paducah residents to take brush and yard waste to the Compost Facility located at 1560 North 8th Street at no charge.  The Facility is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.  It will be closed for the July 4th holiday. 

If you have a question, contact EPW at 270-444-8511 or visit