City Commission Meeting Highlights, August 21, 2018

Note:  Commissioner Allan Rhodes was unable to attend this meeting.


Annual Report from National Quilt Museum

National Quilt Museum Chief Executive Officer Frank Bennett provided an update on the Museum’s attendance and local economic impact.  He said the Museum receives visitors from more than 40 countries each year.  Each visitor spends an average of $450 dollars in Paducah when the spending at hotels, restaurants, and shopping is totaled.  Bennett also said the Museum has had a nearly 51% growth in admissions in seven years with nearly 34,000 visitors in 2017.   Considering the visitors and their average spending coupled with the Museum’s annual budget and 23 employees on payroll, the estimated annual financial impact to the local economy is $17.4 million. 

Mayor Brandi Harless said, “I love hearing people say after visiting the museum that it’s not just about quilts.  It’s an art museum.”


Naming the Lake at Bob Noble Park Lake Gerry B. Montgomery

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a municipal order to name the lake at Bob Noble Park after former Mayor Gerry B. Montgomery who served as Mayor from 1988 until 1996.  The lake will now be known as Lake Gerry B. Montgomery.   Mayor Harless said, “Mayor Montgomery is to credit for bringing back Noble Park to the community.  She thought it was an asset to the community that needed to be preserved.”

Mayor Montgomery also founded the Paducah Ambassadors which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.  She was honored at a celebration last night. 

The municipal order states, “The City of Paducah along with the Paducah Ambassadors desire to express their gratitude to former Mayor Montgomery for her dedication to the preservation and promotion of our community by formally naming the lake at Bob Noble Park in her honor.”


Quick Highlights

  • Municipal Order approved approving the Strategic Health Risk Advisor and Strategic Benefit Placement Services Contract with Peel & Holland for the administration of the City’s health insurance.  The contract amount is for $78,900 with an additional fee of $200 per hour subject to a minimum retainer of $5000 for services requested by the City or the City’s legal counsel for issues that arise in connection to employee bargaining, legal matters, disputes, etc.
  • Municipal Order approved ratifying Mayor Harless’ signature on the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Our Town grant application for the continued restoration of the Columbia Theater.  The grant request is for $200,000 which requires a match that will be fulfilled by the Paducah Art House Alliance (PAHA), a non-profit organization interesting in saving the 1927 theater.  No city funds will be used.  If awarded, the funding will be used for the next phase of restoration including engineering design, construction drawings, and theatrical and acoustical design.
  • Municipal Order approved accepting the FY2018-2019 Edward Byrne Justice Accountability Grant award in the amount of $11,816.  The funds will be used to purchase hand-held radios for the Paducah Police Department.
  • Municipal Order approved accepting the 2018 Community Development Block Grant Award in the amount of $200,000 for the Four Rivers Center Point Recovery Center.  An administration fee of $2500 will be paid to the City for administering the funding.
  • Municipal Order approved to purchase outdoor fitness equipment in the amount of $51,157.19 for the Pat & Jim Brockenborough Rotary Health Park.  The City of Paducah has been partnering with the Rotary Club of Paducah for this project.
  • Municipal Order approved to purchase six pickup trucks from Linwood Motors in the total amount of $145,412.  Two bids were received for this purchase.
  • Municipal Order approved to purchase dumpsters with additional replacement parts and lids in an amount not to exceed $120,000 from Municipal Equipment, Inc. utilizing the Kentucky State contract price.
  • Municipal Order approved for the annual contract for services between the City and Barkley Regional Airport with the City providing $110,000 to the airport.
  • Municipal Order approved for an amendment to the Tyler Technologies Contract for the for the Munis Enterprise Resource Planning software project specifically related to the Codes & Permitting Phase.  This amendment shifts funding that would have been used for software conversions to be used instead for 18 additional implementation days.  This decreases the contract by $50.  Assistant City Manager Michelle Smolen also outlined the upcoming features that the public will be able to access in 2019 including payment of business licenses and property taxes online and by credit card in addition to online applications for permits and plan review.
  • Ordinance approved to close Adams Street from the intersection with South 25th until the street ends; South 24th Street from the intersection with Jackson Street until the street ends; and two alleys that parallel Adams Street on this block.  The closures were requested by the Paducah Independent School District which owns the adjacent properties.  The Planning Commission held a public hearing July 2 and made a positive recommendation for the closures.  The closures are associated with the school district’s planned Innovation Hub.
  • Commissioner Richard Abraham led the Board through a discussion regarding the location of the Keeton Correctional Facility in a neighborhood, its ongoing issue with the escape of inmates, accountability and oversight from the State, and the City of Paducah’s legal authority and options regarding the facility’s future.