City Commission Meeting Highlights, August 28, 2018

Discussion about Traffic Study for Buckner Lane Intersections at Pines Road and Pecan Drive

The Paducah Board of Commissioners further discussed the traffic study for Buckner Lane intersections with Pecan Drive and Pines Road.  At its July 24 meeting, the Board wanted more time to review the study completed by HDR Engineering and talk with constituents.  On August 17, the Traffic Commission board comprised of City Manager Jim Arndt, City Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy, Police Chief Brandon Barnhill, and Assistant Police Chief Anthony Copeland met to discuss the traffic study. 

At the August 17 meeting, the Traffic Commission voted to recommend to the Board of Commissioners the installation of an all-way stop this year at the intersection of Buckner Lane and Pecan Drive to provide immediate relief for the issue of traffic backing up on Buckner Lane.  The Traffic Commission also recommends setting aside funds in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget to install a traffic signal at that intersection and to widen Buckner Lane to create a designated turning lane.  The turn lane and traffic signal are recommended by HDR Engineering and would then replace the all-way stop signs.

The Paducah Board of Commissioners voted to approve the recommendations of the Traffic Commission.

Approve Change Order No. 3 and No. 4 for City Hall Renovation Project Phase I

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved two emergency ordinances for Change Order No. 3 and Change Order No. 4 for the City Hall Phase I Project.  These change orders are related to activities on the interior of the building around the lantern, the atrium area with the skylights.

One of the items in the City Hall rehabilitation project is the replacement of the skylight windows and their trim in addition to the refinishing of the wood grid on the interior of the ceiling around the skylights.  The replacement of the skylight windows and trim has been completed; however, when the wood grid on the ceiling was being removed, a small portion of the ceiling material fell which caused the work in that area to stop until more review could take place.  It was anticipated that the ceiling material would stay intact.  After reviewing the material, two points were observed: 1) the ceiling material is not fully intact and in danger of coming loose; therefore, it needs to be removed and replaced; and 2) the material is more than just the concrete as outlined in the 1963 construction plans.  The concrete material has a thin plaster finish applied to it which testing reveals contains a low level of asbestos.  City Hall has been tested through air monitoring and surface testing.  Testing reveals that exposure to any asbestos for staff and the public was negligible.  To safely remove the material from the ceiling, crews will work during the City Hall closure time from late Thursday, August 30 through Monday, September 3.  Employees and the public will not be allowed in the building during that time.

Change Order No. 3 is related to work that has been completed so far related to the ceiling issue.  Items in the change order include the placement of large scaffolding and a curtain barrier in the interior of City Hall and the testing and clean-up services.  Change Order No. 3 increases the contract with A&K construction by $63,854.

Change Order No. 4 is related to work that will take place this upcoming weekend to remove the interior ceiling material and the future work to repair and paint the ceiling.  Change Order No. 4 increases the A&K contract by $154,193.  With these two change orders, the total contract with A&K Construction is $4,322,283.

The contract with A&K to rehabilitate City Hall was approved by the Paducah Board of Commissioners on January 23 of this year.  The contractor began working March 4.  This project includes the rehabilitating and improving of City Hall’s roofing membrane, concrete overhang (canopy) through steel beam stabilization of roof cantilevers, façade, heating and cooling systems, skylights, windows, and exterior doors. 

Notice Requirement for all Private Correctional Facilities

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an emergency ordinance requiring all private correctional facilities in the City of Paducah to inform the Paducah Police Department, McCracken County Sheriff’s Department, Kentucky State Police, and all correctional facility employees upon determining that a probationer, inmate, or parolee may have escaped from custody or is otherwise unaccounted for.  This emergency ordinance is in response to the recent escape of an inmate at the Keeton Correctional Facility located at 621 Clarence Gaines Street and the several hours that spanned before notification was issued to the public.  This issue was brought before the Board by Commissioner Richard Abraham at the Board’s August 21 meeting.

The Board also approved a Municipal Order requiring the City to notify the residents that live in the neighborhood surrounding the Keeton Correctional Facility after the City receives notification of an escape. 

Presentation by Innovations Branding House – Survey Related to Strategic Planning

The City of Paducah has contracted with Innovations Branding House to provide research the determine the early adopters, the people in the community who engage with City government and are first to adopt ideas; what are the effective communication tools to reach them; and what is the strategy for communicating the strategic plan that is under development.  Brand Strategist Ashley Starks explained that to complete the research, Innovations Branding House is conducting community surveys and a survey of employees.  They also are reviewing how other cities communicated their strategic plan elements and engaged citizens.  To take the survey, visit   

Quick Highlights

  • Mayor Brandi Harless presented a proclamation to Paducah School System Director of Pupil Personnel Troy Brock proclaiming September as Attendance Awareness Month.  The focus is the reduction in chronic absenteeism.
  • Boards and Commissions
    • Paul Bradford and Cathy Crecelius reappointed to the Paducah Planning Commission
    • Kenneth B. Hurt, Sr. appointed to the Human Rights Commission.
    • Regan Wainscott appointed to and Health Coltharp and Christopher B. Jones reappointed to the Historical & Architectural Review Commission (HARC).
  • Municipal Orders approved authorizing and declaring the sale of the following city-owned surplus properties:
    • 605 South 8th Street and 603 South 8th Street –Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church submitted $50 bids for each property and plans to maintain the properties for church activities.
    • 517 North 7th Street – Kathleen Kelly submitted a $1 bid for the property and proposes to build a facility with living quarters and an art studio.
    • 1216 Park Avenue – Darrell Matheny submitted a $1 bid for the property and plans to construct a driveway and a garage on the property which is adjacent to his current property.
  • Municipal Order approved to purchase three ZTR mowers for the Parks & Recreation Department in the total amount of $26,331.10 from Heartland Outdoor.
  • Ordinance introduced (vote tentatively September 10) to approve the final subdivision for Colgan Properties LLC located at 3501 Pecan Drive.  An office/business park is planned for the site.
  • Ordinance introduced (vote tentatively September 10) to repeal the Traffic Commission located in Chapter 110 Section 110-5 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances.